Walden Ambrose

Head sculpt: Iplehouse FID Claude | Body: Iplehouse FID man model body NS

Walden is a photographer who specializes in interior design photography. He started out working for hotels and furniture designers, but his work soon caught the attention of magazine editors. Walden does more editorial work for design magazines and books these days. There are still a lot of hotels and interior designers amongst his clients, and he has worked with Roux and Ludivine as well.

Walden shares a house with his best friends Roux, Queenie and Ludivine. He is away most of the time though, travelling around the globe from location to location. He loves his job, but he would love to see his friends more often. They skype every other night, but he still misses them.

Walden is not only a very talented photographer, he is a really nice guy. Too nice in fact, as his friends keep telling him. He is caring, helpful, funny and sensitive - and he's quite handsome. His gay clients and collegues adore him, but he…

FID male muscle versa model body and Raccoon mugshots

I just picked up Leonard on the model body. The body is supposed to be Claude's new body, and Leonard will get the muscle body.

The first thing I checked was if the feet are really smaller. But apparently they are not, at least there are no visible differences in length. But the body itself is quite different- very slender and almost a bit boyish compared to the muscle body. But I guess I just have to get used to it. Claude's head looks much more in proportion on it, now I just have to make new clothes. The model body has longer legs, a lot less shoulder width and slimmer legs and arms. The legs of JID boy pants are too short of course, but the width fits. The pants I made for the muscle body are definitely too wide and short. Posing seems to be the same, the model body is a bit floppier, but I will suede both. And they both pose so well compared to the big guys!

And some mugshots of my Raccoon girls. I am very happy with them. I knew I would like them, the sculpts are even mo…

Raccoon incoming

It was about -17°C last week, and I was worried the cold might affect the incoming dolls. Still waiting for Leonard on the new body, but he should be here tomorrow- I am pretty certain I'll be able to pick him up this week.

These lovely ladies arrived safe and sound, thank god. I couldn't resist the free shipping during Christmas event. It's funny how dolls can look so close in scale and overall design and yet so different in the details, like the knees and hands. Raccoon dolls are the work of my favorite former Iplehouse sculptor, and the amount of detail in the faces and bodies is just what I expected. They're lovely and unique, and I can't wait to paint them. They have to wait though, my painful dentist appointments and the short break I took from work still left a pile of stuff I have to do first. They'll be Ludivine and Queenie when I finished them.

But I tried a couple of clothes on them, and to my surprise their feet fit into some 1/6 mary janes I bought…

Glatzki eye haul and review

After someone posted pictures of Glatzki eyes on DOA I went ahead and ordered eyes from Glatzki. They arrived on Friday after quick order processing but fairly long shipping time. The eyes came in small bags with a label in a padded envelope. As you can see they have stems, but they're easy to cut off if you don't want them.

Glatzki eyes are plastic doll eyes manufactured by a Belorussian company called Glatzki/Live eyes. They offer a huge selection of natural looking styles and colors in various size combinations, animal eyes and fantasy eyes.

Shop website
You can choose language and currency in the top left corner. Unfortunately paypal doesn't operate in Belarus, and you need a credit card to pay your order. They speak perfect English and answer emails quickly. If you order more than one pair I recommend to print the shopping cart overview for later reference. Even though you get an order confirmation, the cart (or wish list) is the only way to see pictures and…

As requested: FID woman classic body with various heads

I was asked if I could put Claude's head on the FID woman body. The person who wanted to see it thought about creating a smiling FID girl.
Even though the classic woman body has wider shoulders than the slim body and Claude is a downsized SID head (smaller than EID), it looks seriously wonky.

As you can see, the neck of the FID man is wider and the head on the FID woman neck leaves a large gap. The neck looks much shorter and at least for my taste the proportions are not working at all.

Since I was alreade swapping heads, I combined some other heads with Raffine's body.
The first one shows the body with the original head. In opposite to some people I always thought the proportions were perfect and the head just the right size (not too small).

JID girl Isar's head might work okayish if the neck-opening wasn't too small. But it is, and as a result her head is balancing somewhat storky on the neck. Next comes Claude. Off for my taste, as JID boy Edwin, he's just hilar…

FID man Claude sneak peek

I am reluctant to introduce Walden as a character at this point. He doesn't have his final eyes yet, the wig I would have prefered to give him doesn't fit, and he's not on the body he will have as the character Walden.

But even if it's not the final character, I couldn't resist to take some pictures of the current FID Claude on the muscle body. The eyes he's wearing are intended for Queenie. I am still waiting for an eye order to pick from.

Today some wigs and shoes arrived. Both wigs were the same size, one blond, and one in a soft light brown. The blond one didn't fit. I have no idea why this particular wig is smaller than all the others from the same brand and in the same size.

The brown one does, though. I actually like it, it's a color as gentle as his character. He'll keep it, I think.  Even though I gave him some wrinkles and a touch of circles under his eyes it doesn't change the fact that Claude is a very young looking sculpt. Which is …

FID man basics

I finished some clothes for the FID muscle body. Currently it's Walden's body, but I ordered Leonard on the model body to change the head/body combination.

Leonard with his larger EID head is supposed to get the body Walden currently has, and the smaller Claude sculpt will hopefully look better on the new body. Since I don't have the new body to take exact measurements it doesn't make much sense to sew so much in advance. But every guy could use a few basics, right? Walden doesn't have eyes and a wig yet, so I cut off his neck with the headless S-hook.

The black vest is a SD vest from ACbjd, and it fits. As do the sneakers. They are MSD sneakers, but I can't remember where I bought them. They are a bit longer than the MSD sneakers I got for the JID boys.

Since it started to snow again I thought he needed something warm, even if he's just standing in the closet. Silly, I know :)