Body comparison Raccoon slim, FID curvy and FID classic

This one is the answer to a request.
A while ago I received my FID Isabel on the curvy body. It's the nYID body en miniature, and clothes sharing between FID classic and FID curvy is pretty much like that between SID and nYID. Tops with short sleeves work, stretchy pants might.

The measurements of the FID curvy body are pretty close to that of the Raccoon glamorous body, although the thighs of the curvy FID girls are a bit slimmer.

Raccoon glamorous thigh circumference is 14cm, FID curvy have 13,5cm thighs, which makes them just those annoying 5mm wider than classic FID girl's thighs. I don't own a glamorous Raccoon, so I can't tell if they can share pants. The stretchy Raccoon pants fit the curvy FID girl, but the cotton pants that I made for the slim Raccoon body are too tight in the upper leg. Roux pants on the other hand are too wide in the waist and slightly too long. If they were tight, they wouldn't fit in the butt and thigh region.

The girls in a row with b…

Making flowers

A proper garden needs flowers. Lots of them. Unfortunately artificial flowers usually don't come in doll scale, so I have to make them.

After spending hours searching for artificial flowers with small leaves and blossoms I have quite a stock of artificial baby's breath in various colors, small twigs of fake cherry blossoms and other small blooms I can use to make tiny flowers. Miniature vines and artificial herbs are what I have been taking apart for the leafage.

Making flowers that are in scale and don't look too obviously artificial requires a lot of fiddly work, since most of the flowers are made of various 'ingredients'. I've hot-glued blossoms to stems for hours and cut larger leaves into smaller pieces.

Making flowers turns out to be a challenge, even for somebody with a lot of patience. But I am quite happy with the results.

This one for example is made of cherry blossoms, parts of a miniature vine and fake rosemary. I love hollyhock of all kinds, so my …

Stoner the pooch

Everett's back exit seems to attract strays. A little while ago Everett heard strange noises and went to investigate. He found a large grey mutt rummaging through the trash. The dog was obviously hungry but seemed quite friendly. A bowl of water and a couple of raw burgers later Everett had a new friend - and responsibility.

Since there was no collar and Everett had no idea who his owner might be, he took him to the next vet to check for a chip. The vet didn't find one. He suspected the dog might have been abandoned and hadn't been a stray for long. It's still a very young dog and he apparently has some Weimaraner blood.

Everett decided to take him back home instead of taking him to a shelter. He put some posters up and mailed a picture to the animal shelters in the area in case somebody asked for the dog.

Everett and Bell hope nobody will claim him. Bell named him Stoner for his color and his friendly and laid-back temperament. They have a lot of fun training him. Sto…

Box opening

Oops, I did it again...

Seriously, I thought I wasn't going to buy more dolls. But then Iplehouse came up with the curvy FID body. And since the nYid body is my favorite large doll body I couldn't resist. This morning I went to fetch Isabel and Tedros from the custom's office.
Isabel is one of the most versatile sculpts from the newer generation of Iple girls. It's a very young face, and I thought it would be perfect for the curvy body. Which is every bit as lovely as the larger version. Tedros never interested me as EID, but there is something different about the FID version. He will make a great partner for Isabel. He's on the model body.

It's terribly hot at the moment, and I was a bit worried the heat might affect them, but nothing happened. Not to these two at least. After I managed to chip Everett's nose in a photo shoot I didn't want to take any chances and just took a quick box opening picture.

These two will stay in their boxes for now. I am wa…

Rocky start

The garden diorama is still work in progress, but I have finished some of the things I want to use for it.
Today I made some boulders. They are not dry yet, so the final color will look a bit different. They are made of plaster bandages wrapped around wire mesh. I don't know if I will use all the rocks, but they make for nice props. They were my rocky start into the public holiday today.

Also finished is the basic construction of the rustic stone wall, the small terrace and the basic layout of the garden. The steps are part of the terrace, but the walls are actually two pieces I can store away separately. I thought about making the terrace larger, but if I want to take pictures with the dolls and parts of the garden the dolls would look really small if I wanted to show all of it. And I would probably have even more difficulties in finding a place to store it.
The first picture shows the pieces of colored plaster glued to the walls, and  in the second picture the gaps are already f…