Losing face

I am such an idiot, I damaged Melisande's face up beyond repair. The zipper of my jacket hit her cheek and left a large silvery scratch. My dolls are lined up two rows deep in a closet, and the boys are in the back. I took her out to grab Walden and she stood in the wrong place. Just one of those stupid accidents. I am glad the zipper didn't hit her hard enough to damage the resin as well, but her face is lost. She's already scrubbed clean, and I try to look forward to repainting her, but at the moment I am just annoyed with myself.

But maybe it's a chance to add some freckles to her face, or give her a new look altogether.

But at least Walden is happy, he was the next in line for a new sweater.

More sweaters

More sweaters :).
Rachel wears a very lady-like white sweater with lace trim. I have to make some more clothes for her, she doesn't have nearly as much as the other dolls. The black shawl is a lace garter I found in a thrift store.

And Judith made partner-look sweaters for herself and her husband. Gideon loves it.

Everett has a new sweater too, and his sweater fits the SID girls as well. He will have to keep an eye on it.

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a healthy, happy and wonderful 2020!

Tristania, Eryn and Judith start the new year warm and cuddly, all three of them have new sweaters. I had so many wool oddments that I thought I'd use them for some stripy sweaters. And since the necessary upgrade from Win7 to Win10 went more or less within a couple of hours and without any major problems, I had a lot more time to spent on other things.

Merry Christmas!

Light and warmth, comfy cushions, the scent of the Christmas tree and cookies, the crackle of fire in the fireplace... the kids are excited. Tristania just wrapped the last of the presents, Seraphine finished baking and the kids have been decorating the tree.

I wish all of you a wonderful time, merry Christmas and a bit of piece and quiet, delicious food and happiness.

Just some new clothes

Just some random pictures of stuff I finished recently.

I made lots of hats, and Bell picked one with grey stripes that almost looks silvery.

Judith has a new shirt and vest to go with the skirt I made a while ago.

Sophia is not sure if the bold pattern of her new blazer isn't a bit too daring.

And Unnea has a white sweater.