Dots, squares, stars, hearts and bones

Dots proudly presents her new pair of bib overalls – dotted, of course. She couldn't decide which pink she wanted with the checkered heart, and chose both. For the buttons as well as the ornamental seam. It's a fun look, and she loves it.
I bought another tiny skeleton since I didn't want to spoil my gift mobile and with a little sawing and wire it's even a bit more flexible.


I wanted to take some autumn pictures with Cinna and June wearing their twin style coats, but it is either dark when I come home or it's raining. Today though was the first day with that kind of golden autumn light I wanted. I would have loved some maple leaves, but it has been so dry for such a long time that they turned brown a while ago. No brilliant colors this year. 

Halloween fun

Happy Halloween! Who would be better suited to pose for Halloween pictures than my little ghost girl Lily? She seems to have found a new friend for the occasion. Unfortunately he is not the most flexible little guy, he can just move his legs and his head.

Last week one of my customers surprised me with this fabulous self made decoration. I took the liberty of unhooking the tiny skeleton for a short while to use it for some Halloween pictures. I'll put it back together tomorrow and it'll make a nice eyecatcher hanging from the studio ceiling.

Mint shirts and hipster pants

Ever since I found this mint green muslin, I thought it would make a lovely tunic for Tristania. And after weeks I got to actually making one for her. Queenie likes mint as well, and Walden sports some hipster pants.

And I repainted one of those 'PomPom Sleeping Baby Doll Key charms'. That's what they are called on ebay or amazon. They are actually just heads with a fluffy pompon as a body. I removed that and made a tiny baby-body, but it doesn't have hands yet. This tiny cutie will be introduced properly when my new FID Harace has a face and a story- and obviously a baby.

But for now Walden is on baby-sitting duty. It suits him, don't you think?

Rainy day

And bad light, obviously. Peregrin, Fritz and Sophia don't mind a bit of rain, though.