Don't play with your food!

One of the things my mom used to say. But since she's not looking, I did it anyway. Don't worry, nothing will go to waste - I am still going to eat all that stuff. I don't mind a raccoon in my cornflakes :-D.

Bell tests this rather crunchy mattress and and decides she is not going to flake out on this one.

A toast to large slices of fresh white bread!

Big apple, small Eve.

Who nibbled on my cookie?

While I was taking the pictures my cat sat by patiently, just in case I was starting to play with her food. 

So much for male domination

It's a men's world they say. My guys beg to differ. Not only are they seriously outnumbered, they are also neglected when it comes to sewing clothes. One of my resolutions for 2019 was to change that.
Since I have been busy knitting for myself for a change I have not made anything new for them (or any other of my dolls). I had almost forgotten how much longer human sized sweaters take.

I picked my three most neglected guys to take at least some new pictures for a start. Corvin, Leander and Alasdair may not sport new clothes, but they are at least fully dressed ;).

They didn't hear the 'Cheese', obviously.

Monks and dryads

These too haven't been out of the closet for ages, and since it's a sunny sunday today I thought it would be the right time to let them see daylight again.

Leaf woke up from hybernation and enjoys the first warm day of the year. I had her wig stored in a bag to keep moths away, and it needed a bit fluffing up to look like something birds would nest in again. While I was getting a cup of coffee my cat decided to help. It took half an hour to find the wig behind my bed again. She did a thorough job, though. All tousled and very dryad-like.

Enoch still looks a bit snowy after he's been draped in white for a change. It's surprising how different his white skin looks framed by this snow white fabric.

Curvy barbies and a new sweater

Remember the curvy fashionista barbie I received for a sewing commission some time ago? I repainted her a while ago. It was fun, but I have to say dolls that size with rooted hair and painted eyes and next to no joints are not my cup of tea. I do like her face and curvy body better than the beauty pageant stereotype blonde version of Barbie I remember from past years, though. The first picture shows her in her original state. Not too bad, but I hope she looks a bit more natural now. I think I am going to give her back to her previous owner- if her mother can think of a good household chores-trade.

And this is Alasdairs new sweater. I finished it last year, but I think I never took pictures of it. I really hope days get longer soon, it's so annoying to have only a bit of bad light if you want to take pictures.

Last but not least Solovet, Tabea and Corvin.

Important changes for followers and changes in commenting

Unfortunately Blogger will no longer support Google Plus profiles and comments, since Google plus will end in April. I am not quite sure what will happen to the existing comments, I guess they will disappear from the blog and commenters will only be able to comment with their blogger profile or email and name. Since I have been using blogger with my Google plus profile, my comments will probably dissapear from your blogs as well. I will see what happens if I change from posting as Mia W to posting with my blogger name.

This is the original announcement:

Please see below for a summary of changes affecting Blogger's Google+ integration on 4 February 2019 following the recent announcement of Google+ API deprecation (scheduled for March 2019).
Google+ widgets: Support for the “+1 Button”, “Google+ Followers” and “Google+ Badge” widgets in Layout will no longer be available. All instances of these widgets will be removed from all blogs. +1 buttons: The +1/G+ buttons and Google+ share link…