Blogging options and learning curves

This is not a post about dolls for a change, and it's going to be a rather long one.

As my fellow blogspot bloggers might have noticed, there appear to be some serious problems with the new blogger. I am using the old interface, or legacy blogger as google calls it now. And I hope it will continue to be an option.

Just to make sure there would be an alternative I tried to check out something else.

WordPress with my own domain Like WordPress, for example. My bad that I made the mistake to start with a hosting plan to get my very own domain (I managed to cancel that just within the trial period). I set up an account with the recommended Blue Host, and even if it wasn't for me, the experience with the customer service was a pleasant one.

But I would have had to set up the 80% of the configuration I would never have used. And although importing blogger blog content like posts and pictures worked within seconds, all tags became categories. There's a tool for converting those as…

Shirts for the big girls - Tabea

Before I really start a post about the new shirts I need to vent a little about the new blogger version.

I thought it might just offer some new features and tried it. It's a complete mess. Apart from the things that don't work, the design and structure is just terrible. Very unintuitive, very complicated ways to do very essential and simple things.
Who hides the 'New post' function somewhere down in a corner? You can only find it if you use your browser in full-screen mode and scroll all the way down your existing post list.
They turned a very clear and functional tool into something you can't really work with, even if you just want to write very simple blog posts with some text and a picture.

I am not one to dismiss things just because they are new, but this is a completely unnecessary transformation from a tool you could work with into a messy conglomeration of buttons to give the whole thing a smartphone look. I didn't try everything, but I browsed the supp…

Success and frustration

Success first: I finished an outfit today. Excuse the crappy pictures, but I had to photograph it slightly overexposed. The fabric is very dark brown with a black gradient dye, painted black spatter and black and silver dots. With normal lighting it looks just dark and the details are not really as visible as they are in real life. The skirt is layered, the underskirt is brown with a black gradient dye and the over skirt is asymmetric black net. I call this creation 'rotten stardust', and it was inspired by a friend's doll (a very intriguing Iplehouse Kali). It's supposed to look a bit ragged but not like rags. If she doesn't like it, Vasilissa already claimed it. It's made for a SID body, but she doesn't mind.

And now the frustration: The moths ate Erin's sweater. I use to keep the doll clothes in boxes or in the closet, and the natural fiber wigs and my needle felted animals are in a box with moth repellent paper, but I forgot to hang some in the doll…

Posing in pink

I went through my fabric stash this morning and came across this fabric. The petals are a bit too large for the smaller dolls, so I never really made anything from it. Time to change that. Seraphine hasn't had anything new for almost two years, and she likes this dusky pink color.

So I cut out a quick and simple dress, took all the sewing stuff out into the garden and set to work. I think I managed to get the first sunburn of the year... my nose looks very red. It's just warm if you are in the sun, but as soon as you leave the sun it's still really chilly. Since I am almost always cold I followed the sun - maybe the exposure was a bit too much :-D. Anyway, Seraphine has a new dress and is happy.

Dot, dot, Dots

Dots complained bitterly that I bought such a lot of fabric WITH DOTS for my mask sewing project and made nothing for her. And she's right, I am very ashamed.
Now she's happy- she has a new dress with biiiig dots. I need to shorten the hem of the skirt, there are still some marks showing. I cut it last night and didn't see the little white marks from the fabric's edge. My bad. She is not the type for lace, and lace doesn't go with the pattern, else I might just have covered it with some sort of trim.

She even helped me untangling the elastic band. Very nice of her- but I am afraid the knots are still there...