Mint shirts and hipster pants

Ever since I found this mint green muslin, I thought it would make a lovely tunic for Tristania. And after weeks I got to actually making one for her. Queenie likes mint as well, and Walden sports some hipster pants.

And I repainted one of those 'PomPom Sleeping Baby Doll Key charms'. That's what they are called on ebay or amazon. They are actually just heads with a fluffy pompon as a body. I removed that and made a tiny baby-body, but it doesn't have hands yet. This tiny cutie will be introduced properly when my new FID Harace has a face and a story- and obviously a baby.

But for now Walden is on baby-sitting duty. It suits him, don't you think?

Rainy day

And bad light, obviously. Peregrin, Fritz and Sophia don't mind a bit of rain, though.

Fun sized pile

Just some pictures of the fun sized crew. I am busy sewing outfits for Harace, but I don't want to show them before she has a face.

Fid Harace arrived

This girl arrived after two weeks in customs. I was a bit worried because the tracking didn't show any updates for over a week, but after two weeks she arrived eventually at my local customs office.

I had her larger sister on my wish list, but since I just don't have the space for any more large dolls I was quite exited when I read that she would be released as FID next. I checked at the usual FID opening and release date and she wasn't up. And I thought my wallet would be safe for another round ;-). But I am glad my friend balljointedwoman saw that she just arrived late and told me - and here she is.

While this girl has a very impressive profile, she looks a bit anonymous in frontal view. At least without a face-up. But I have seen enough of her larger sister to know that she is quite versatile, and I am looking forward to painting her. She will have to wait for a while, though.

The dark "scratch" on her eye is not a scratch, it's a stray cat hair I didn'…

Hard Fast Loud

Bell had an exciting day today. A rock band had a gig in a building close to Eve's, and the manager booked catering. Bell was in charge to get everything organized, and she had a lot of fun. Everything needs to be collected after the show, and now she just has to wait. With a large speaker case as a seat she doesn't mind.

And she has some new clothes. The only bought thing is the black jacket (and the shoes). I had that jacket for ages and it doesn't fit Iples in the shoulders. Bell likes it and it suits her, so everyone is happy.