Thursday, October 12, 2017

Minimizing the wishlist

I only ever want three, I said once. We all know how that ended. I want no dolls with eye sizes below 11mm, I said. This might be one of those things that turn out to be untenable.

I have no space for more large dolls. And that's why I decided to go FID and minimize the wish list. Minimize as in smaller dolls, not in a smaller wish list. I am not sure if the size is for me, but I won't know if I never try, right? Most of the female FIDs on offer are sculpts I either own in their original size or sculpts I am not particularly fond of. There are two I was interested in, Miho and Raffine. Raffine caught my eye when she was released as limited EID, but I chose others over her.

I would love to have a FID Doria, Rebecca and Harace... Those were on my wish list for quite some time, and now Rebecca is discontinued.

Miho was already on my wish list, but I saw some owner pictures of her that looked like the spitting image of a former class mate, and I couldn't "unsee" that girl. So I decided to pick Raffine. A friend will bring a bag of shoes from the US when she comes visiting next week, and I am already looking forward to test them all for TrickyFeet (my shoe-project). Raffine will be what her size suggests: a fashion doll. Seriously, I think this hobby turns me into someone I don't know. But as long as pink does not become the dominating color in my home all is well. But I have to admit that I am already thinking about another FID, just because I don't like the thought of her being all alone in her size range. She will not fit into my doll group. But there is currently no girl that's tempting me, so I will have to wait.

I have no idea how fast Iple will be this time, but I don't mind waiting. I have another mini incoming, and she will ship tomorrow. I am really excited about her, but I will tell more about this special new member of my crew when she arrives - and I am a bit anxious too, I never had a doll shipped from Russia. She is a mature art doll from Ancient Tales, just 33,5cm. I already bought a magnifying glass the size of a plate. Painting such a tiny face will be a challenge.

Ahh, gleeful anticipation. :)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Autumn knit

It's getting chilly outside. Time for knit wear.

First Corvin. I made a cable-knit sweater in cream white for him. He's wearing suit pants from freedom teller with it.

Alasdair got a new sweater, too. He liked this jacquard knit, and it's very warm and soft. But he forgot to set aside the glasses for the picture. He agreed to let me post it, he is not that vain, even though he normally doesn't want to be photographed wearing them.

Leander borrowed one of Ruben's sweaters, but it nearly drowned him. But he likes the colour and asked if I could make one in this tone for him. I guess I will.

Ruben got it back.

Neala is starting to wear shoes again. She usually spends the summer barefooted. Since the sun is still warm she decided a tunic and shawl will be enough for now.

Sophia felt inspired by the blue notes. She got a new cardigan and a dress made from left over fabric to go with it.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

TrickyBJDFeet - a new project

If you have been wondering why I posted so many shoe reference pictures, this was the reason:

I would like to introduce a new project: TrickyBJDFeet, a shoe finding help for BJD with petite or oversized feet. Tricky feet.

I have been wanting to do this for some time, and started with a basic concept in August. But since it was quite a bit of work, balljointedwoman joined in to help. She is the blog-author of AstheResinWorldTurns, and we have been following each other's blogs for years. And Musume from MydollyAdventures added her research regarding mini heel feet. Thanks again, you've been great!

In short: Take a look and spread the news! The link to the discussion on DOA is still missing, and I'll add it when the mods have decided where to start the discussion.

Click the image or follow the link to go to TrickyFeet.