Online fabric shopping for doll projects – experiences and favorite shops (EU)

Fabric online shopping and the difficulties in finding good fabric sources for doll projects
When I started sewing as a girl there was no internet. It was either upcycling old clothes or the only fabric store in town. Tearing, well-worn fabric, faded prints and a lot of remnants or spending a lot of money on fabric that never quite met my needs. I still use human clothes as a fabric source occasionally, but since I often have very specific ideas of what I want I like to buy new fabric for my dolly sewing projects.

These days the difficulties in finding fabric for doll clothes amongst the huge selection on the web are of a different nature but nonetheless challenging.

Like every craft sewing comes with it's own technical terms, and if you don't want to restrict your search to national shops you'll want the English term. While finding the name for a fabric type is comparatively easy, it gets especially tricky when it comes to patterns.

For some I wouldn't even know what…

Summer dresses and more fabric

You might recognize the fabric I used for Ludivine's jersey tunic and the flower poplin Seraphine wears. The fabric was part of the birthday haul. 

Seeing all the fabric the large girls complained bitterly. It's true, since the fashion-doll sized girls are in the house I haven't made anything new for the large dolls. Time to change that. Since I have more than enough for all I picked the grey flowery fabric to sew a very chaste summer dress for Seraphine. The muslin in the fabric picture will make for some nice tunics for the big girls.

Below is the second of three birthday-haul fabric parcels, one is still on the way. I accidentally ordered the grey flower fabric a second time - it was on my wish list and I forgot to delete it before putting everything on it in my cart. I am still waiting for one last parcel, but it's still on the way. It's from a shop in the UK and it will take a while, I guess.

If the quality of the fabric is as I hope it will be, I can finish w…


Today is my birthday. And while others might take inventory of the years that passed, I used my day off and took inventory of my fabrics and sewing stuff :). I had hoped for a sunny day I could spend in the garden with a book, but whoever is in charge of the weather felt it was time for some rain again.

The answer to the question 'Do I need more fabric?' is 'probably not', but since it was my birthday I bought some new fabric anyway :). I went to a local store and found some lovely new ditsy flower poplin (which I didn't photograph before I put it in the washing machine).

But this arrived today, I ordered it just two days ago in the hopes it would be here for my birthday, and it was. Most of my jersey and the plain cotton fabric is from my favorite online store herberttextil, and whoever is packing the fabric is doing a very good job at folding. It's always fun to open the boxes, it almost looks like a present, tied up with a ribbon and the colors in a pleasing…

What to wear to a garden party?

Roux, Queenie and Ludivine are invited to a garden party. Walden was invited too, but he's somewhere in Dubai at the moment, photographing hotel suites for a client.

It's a friend's garden party and nothing formal, but the girls used it as an excuse to dress up. Ludivine is still undecided, maybe she'll pick a wine red dress in the same style as Queenie's in the end, but I have not finished the lace top that goes with that one. So here's what the girls picked for now.

I am thinking of you

This is a special day. My big sisters Birthday would have been today. Her death and my need for distraction was what got me started in this hobby. And my very first doll Tristania will always be a special one, the one that is the silent queen of my crew, a tribute to you. And as a tribute I took these today. I can almost hear your loud, cheerful laugh.

Roux in the garden

It's warm and my garden is all color and scent. Yellow poppy, blue bells and carnation in all shades of pink, dominated by a rambler rose - the perfect setting for a girl in a cotton summer dress.
Roux claimed the sample dress I made for the tutorial before I had a chance to iron it. She spent the evening on her favorite iron bench and I took some pictures. It was already a bit late and the light is not that great, but I love that dress on her.