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Waiting for my SID

It took some time to decide which doll to chose. I finally made up my mind: An Iplehouse SID Zera it is. There are so many dolls out there, but I like the Iplehouse dolls best. Their faces have something different about them.
And now I am waiting eagerly for the order status to change...

In the meantime I am looking for the eyes I have in mind for what I plan for customization, eyeco 11mm I guess, but I am not sure about the colour yet. It'll be something interesting, she is going to be a strong character, and since it'll take a while until she arrives I spend hours to sketch dresses and furniture. It's really annoying that there are next to no shops in Europe which offer a variety of dolls and all the stuff you need to customize them.

I found the eyes I wanted at Safrindoll. Very quick delivery and a great variety of choice.

About this blog

I've decided to create this blog as a split-off from my regular work as a tattoo artist. This blog is dedicated to things I do for my own amusement, like dabbling in sculpting, making molds and customizing my BJD.

I am looking forward to try my hands on sculpting again. In the past I worked with various materials, mostly clay, latex molds and plaster, but I haven't made new things in years.

Welcome - Willkommen

Welcome to ResinRapture. This is my very first blog post and I still try to figure out how to make everything look like I want it to look.