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Tristania Luna Morrigan

Head sculpt: Iplehouse SID Zera | Body: EID

Tristania - short Trish - is the eldest of three sisters. Her full name is Tristania Luna Morrigan and she is an elder Moonchild. I guess this needs an explanation.

She likes Heavy Metal, history, warm nights, bathing in moonlight, mischief, interesting discussions, motorcycles, lots of books and her sisters. She is kind at heart, but with a fondness of mockery and dark humor.

Trish is level headed, straightforward and confident in an unassuming way, and although she is usually not much of a talker she can be very eloquent when she is interested in a discussion. This is why she has the duty of acting as a magistrate in the Moonchild council once a year.

Trish is a writer and editor of historic fiction and sometimes writes trashy novels just for fun, the tawdrier the better. She and Seraphine enjoy making up unbelievable stories and characters they would never want to meet in real life.

Tristania is a loner, like all children of the moon. Th…

What is a moonchild?

Moonchild: introduction to a secret supernatural race
Children of the moon are a very secretive supernatural race. They never considered to make their existance public, even after the vampires came out of the coffin and people learned about shape changers and other creatures. They are respected and revered by other creatures of the night.
They live in the human world and they have the perfect disguise: whatever their skin colour might be, whatever their personal style might be - if you'd see them in bright daylight you would forget them the second you turned away. The memory of their faces would fade like a dream. The only way to really see them and remember them is if you'd have the chance to see them in the light of the moon.

You might wonder what supernatural abilities they have. They can fly, though they prefer not to do it, since they like to keep up their disguise as normal humans. And they can make themselves light enough to let themselves waft a few feet above g…

Dying white Wensleydale locks with henna

I was curious if I could dye the white Wensleydale locks I want to use for a wig with henna. And it worked just fine. If you want to try it, there are a couple of things that are important to get good results.
I wanted a light brown colour with a reddish tinge and in different shades of intensity. The locks had to be separated very carefully, and since I didn't want the same colour for all strands I had to dye them before I start making the wig.

It's important to dye the hair red before you work with dye that contains indigo, like brown or black, otherwise the colour will have a green tinge.

If you want a rich brown you need to dye the hair in steps. Red comes first, and it is important to mix red henna with boiling water. If the mixture has cooled down to a temperature around 50°C you can apply it. I put the hair into plastic bags, poured the mixture in and squeezed the bag to soak all the hair.

You need to keep it warm, if it's in a bag you can just put the sealed bag in…

Face up nearly done

Just missing a little gloss varnish here and there. I had hoped my order with a couple of things would arrive before christmas, but I'll have to wait now.
I finished Tristania's hands yesterday. I made a little hole between her fingers so she can wear a ring.

Tristania is home – Box opening

My Tristania is home! The basic mold is an Iplehouse SID Zera. I love her bone structure, she has a great nude face. I'll write something about the character she is going to become later.

Doll chair

I never thought it would be that hard to find tiny notions for doll clothes. At least in Germany it is either really really expensive or simply impossible. But I try not to be too impatient (my doll won't be here before january) and built and sew stuff. She'll have something to sit on at least..
Unfortunately you can still see the two holes I made to fix two candle sockets to the back rest, but I thought they'd catch in her hair and took them off again. Despite filling an sanding the holes the palisander glaze looks slightly different from certain angles. Maybe I'll cover them with some steampunk gears.

*** Man sollte nicht glauben, daß es so schwer ist, kleine Schnallen, Ösen und anderen Kram zu kriegen, den man zum Kleider nähen braucht. Es sei denn, man will unverhältnismäßig viel Geld für ein paar Schnallen ausgeben, die man dann noch aus dem Ausland bestellen muß. Da meine Doll erst nächstes Jahr hier sein wird, vertreibe ich mir die Wartezeit mit Basteleien. Zumi…