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Sophia ~ Reverie

I took Sophia out today to take some photos. Unfortunately the light wasn't that good, but I had just sanded her neck to fix the head-tilt problem JID girls seem to have. Stella is not that bad, but with Sophia it was annoying. I thought restringing her might be enough, but since her neck was uneven I had to sand it eventually.

She's found a silent retreat in the garden.

Seraphine's photo session in a new dress

I made another new dress for Seraphine. It's maybe a little too girly for her style, but I love her in it all the same.

Bonds and stories


All kids love softhearted Seraphine, and Fiona is fascinated by her.

Tristania and Ruben are just goofing around..

The creation of Ruben's ink

Ruben's ink is a part of his character, and I spend some thought on what it should look like, the meaning and last but not least how to go about it.

He hung out with a werewolf motorcycle gang in his rebellious youth and he loves Heavy Metal. He struggled with being a moonchild when he was younger and growing up also meant coming to terms with what he is -  and some of his ink would reflect that.
But he also has a dark sense of humor and a self-ironic view on his own attitude in the past. Ruben never was an extrovert character (Tristania is the only person he is really opening up to), so no bright colours for him.

I didn't want him to look like a jailbird with a patchwork of small designs. Most importantly, I wanted his ink to look as real as possible, which means not as crisp and shiny as a decal (or most photoshopped tattoo pics), but a little blurred and subdued by the way healed skin reflects light.

As a professional tattoo artist I was curious how working on a d…

A relaxed afternoon at home

Seraphine and Alasdair are watching the kids and have a nice and cozy afternoon at home.

Alasdair Luna MacLean

Head sculpt: Iplehouse SID Shane | Body: SID man NS

Alasdair met Seraphine in Paris. Or rather, nearly hit her with his car. The second he saw her, he was smitten with this angelic beauty who was standing in the middle of the street in the pouring rain, cursing like a sailor at the cab driver who just drove off with her cello in his trunk.

Alasdair offered to chase the cab, gave the wet through Seraphine his jacket to warm her up and after succesfully rescuing her cello he brought her home. She invited him to stay for dinner, and after that day he knew she was the one. They met almost every day and it didn't take long for him to win her heart.

Alasdair is a bit of a geek, a highly skilled IT-specialist and hacker and a hopeless romantic, the perfect match for Seraphine. They both share a talent to get so immersed in what they love to do that they forget everything around them, so it's no issue that Seraphine spends hours playing cello and he spends hours in front of the computer.