Fiona & Mailin

Fiona Luna MacLean

Basic mold: Iplehouse KID Lonnie

Fiona and Mailin are sisters. They are a year apart, but they are nearly the same height and inseperable like twins. They are the nestlings of Alasdair's sister Eryn, and he is their favorite uncle.

Fiona is a sweet and affectionate child and the younger one. She loves being read to and is fascinated by Seraphine's music. She likes nothing better than to listen for hours, preferably with Mailin close by or something cuddly in her arms, a cushion, a teddybear or one of the cats.
Fiona is sometimes a bit of a scaredy cat and she starts stammering as soon as she's upset. She has an inexplicable fear of bugs, spiral staircases and boiling kettles and is generally content to have Mailin take the lead.

Mailin Luna MacLean

Basic mold: Iplehouse KID Milly

Mailin is a quizzical little clown. She has a bubbly personality and a comical talent, but she can also be very caring and serious. She is usually hiding this part of her personality from people she doesn't know very well, but she has always been Fiona's protector. And she can get really furious when her elder siblings laugh about Fiona's stuttering. But Fiona and Mailin can both be quite reasonable if needed - they are preoccupied with their own games and discussions most of the time anyway- , so they're nice company.

Other than that they are very normal little moonchild girls who enjoy nature, dressing up as characters of their favorite stories, playing with their bunnies and raiding the cookie jar.

Uncle Alasdair


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