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New eyes for Trish and some new pics of Ruben

I got Tristania some 11mm instead of the 13mm eyes she had before. Still getting used to it. I am not sure about them. They make her look more mature, but the bigger eyes looked a little warmer. And I guess I have to re-adjust them, looks like a slight squint in the photos.

Since I had to undress Ruben anyway to try on something I am sewing I took some pictures. I am usually not that into bare-chested hunk pictures, but it's ok once in a while.

New dresses for the kids

I've been sewing again, for the little ones this time. The photos are crap, but I didn't have much time today.

I found some oldfashioned hankies in a thrift store and they were just big enough to make a dress out of them. Fiona loves her pink checkered hanky-dress...

Stella and little Miss Hairy Legs

Just had a good laugh today. Did I mention my little devil Stella likes creepy crawlies? She doesn't like ribbons, though. But for friendships sake she wore one too.