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Eryn Luna MacLean

Head sculpt: Iplehouse EID Carina | Body: SID large bust NS

Eryn is one of Alasdair's four sisters and mother of Fiona, Mailin, Finn and Neala. They are the youngest of her seven kids, her eldest two have already left home but the remaining keep her busy enough, even without the other kids in her house. The MacLean women have always been with many children.

Eryn does not only take care of her own kids but provides a home for changing numbers of moonchild kids. She is running sort of an inofficial school and rehab for moonchildren together with her sister Unnea, who is a healer.

Some kids are relatives who follow the moonchild tradition to spend years away from home to learn new things, but more of them are learning how to live with a medical condition called eclipse syndrome, a condition that only affects moonchildren. Unlike cuts and bruises it can only be treated by a moonchild healer.

Eryn leads a rather stressful life, but she really loves what she is doing. She is grateful t…

Unnea Luna MacLean

Head sculpt: Iplehouse new Yur | Body: SID normal bust NS

Unnea, sister of Alasdair and Eryn, is a moonchild healer. She has the rare gift to heal conditions that only affect moonchildren. It's a heritable gift of healing power and although healers are trained in herb lore, their medicinal herb mixtures wouldn't work without the gift.

Healers are traditionally highly esteemed in the moonchild community. As soon as a moonchild shows signs of "The Gift" (it's usually just called The Gift), the young moonchild is introduced to the secretive guild of healers to learn how to use it effectively. It is expected of healers to serve the community, a century long duty to heal and to help.

There are only a couple of moonchildren born with The Gift every century and they are not only visibly different, The Gift comes with a price: Healers have a shorter lifespan, they hardly ever reach 600 years.

There is something aethereal about Unnea, something otherworldly, but a lot of …

New girls in the house

After a three months wait I collected my three new girls from the customs office this morning. Just a very crappy box opening pic of my three new beauties. I am so happy with the new Yur, I just love her sculpt, and Carina has been a favorite for a long time. She won't keep her EID body, though. Yur is on a SID body anyway, and Tristania will get the EID body while Carina gets Tristania's old body. Or something :D.

Just some pics

Just some pics I took of Tristania today. I found a small picture frame and a mirror that fitted into it. And Sophia got a new dress.