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Building a BJD bed

I had plans for Stella's room for quite a while and finally had the time to start building the furniture I have in mind. I could have simply bought a bed, but I wanted her bed to look "right" in terms of colour and style. I want her furniture to be mostly white, and not too modern.
To decide on the scale was a bit difficult, I thought SD sized first, but it would not have left any room for other furniture. MSD size it is, then.

I wanted a high headboard for a comfortable sitting up position and the whole thing is supposed to have a little old fashioned or traditional look to it, so I made a footboard in the same style.

I built the headboard and footboard first, but left the top panel to cover the screws for the last step.

After I made the bed frame and fixed the bottom to the siderails for more stability I glued the top panels onto the head- and foot board and sanded the edges before I painted the bed white.

But of course I needed a mattress and pillows and a duvet, too.…

Light bondage

The kids got hold of uncle Alasdair today and tried to turn him into a christmas tree.

We wish you all a merry Christmas
and a happy and healthy new year!

Fat quarters – Quilting lesson

Although Moonchildren are not christian, they do celebrate their variety of christmas. At december the 21th they celebrate winter soltice with old Moonchild midwinter rites, and the following days they celebrate christmas for the kids. It's more about gifts, lights, a feast and coming together, really ;).

Tristania even got a small tree, and while she is decorating it, Unnea shows Fiona how to sew quarters together for a quilted bedspread she wants to make for Stella and Sophia. Fiona is helping her to pick the patterns. And she made her own pillow slip. Well, she picked the patterns and even stitched a few quarters together. Unnea helped her with the slip, but we won't tell. Fiona is very proud it turned out so pretty and it's her favorite pillow now.

Percy pink

I had a conversation the other day about styling and colours and that there's usually very little pink in my pictures. We can do pink ;)
Amanthis and her plush pig Percy. He's always wearing pink and he loves it, and so does the teddy. There you go.