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Cozy get-together

Just some pictures...
I had one of those faded-red-velvet-brown-wood doll sofas, and I just finished refurbishing it.

And Amanthis made a new friend.

Brown paper – Ruben

It's a wrap...
I thought I take some pics of Ruben before I toss the paper. And I am really happy with the result, although I always have the distinct feeling that his character doesn't like to pose in front of the camera. Pity, really ;)

Stella's room

I finally finished Stella's room. It was a lot of fun, because there is so much of her personality in it and I really went into a prop-creating frenzy. I hope you have fun exploring Stella's realm. I made all the furniture except the swing chair.And all the little props (except the tiny cars and the red lamp) and the set of walls is my versatile diorama I built a while ago and reuse for different rooms.

The posters of Stella's favorite actor/singer show Virko (courtesy of @Loolooz). The other pictures are her favorite children's book illustrations by Frank C. Papé. She even tidied her room when I told her I wanted to take pictures. But don't check the drawers.

First things first: The diorama- panorama ;)

And now to the details... This is where she keeps her books and games.

Stella's bed, a place not only for sleeping, but for girl talk, sulking and reading. Stella loves the bed spread Unnea made for her. Sophia sleeps in a guest bed room, but since the girls ha…