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Family pictures and experiments with a prime lens

It took nearly an hour to arrange my resin family for the first group photo. My cat wanted to be in it and after making sure my dolls couldn't topple over I forgot to put the background back up again ;(.

And I experimented with a prime lens I rarely use. I should do that more often, I love the soft focus.

New dresses for the kids

Made some new dresses for the little ones :). Maybe it wasn't a good idea to make a plain off-white dress for Mailin, she'll get it dirty in no time. She is really rather a tomboy and usually likes her jeans better.

Dreaming of summer

It was such lovely weather today that I was in the mood for pictures with a summery feel. Unfortunately I have to weed my garden first before I'd want to take them outside, so some decoration has to do the trick.

I always wondered why they have a name that sounds like a contagious desease, but despite the name white ranunculus are some of my favorite flowers. They have something nostalgic about them, like tea roses.

Today was blonde doll photo day ;). Very romantic, but I didn't go completely overboard and passed on white lace dresses...

Simply red

I haven't written in a while, and the holidays are a good occasion to do just that.

Happy holidays, everyone :) !

My renovation was chaotic to say the least, I managed a few accidents (badly contused toe, some cuts and whitlow) and Murphy's Law sunk my plans more than once. I have been dead tired, but with the help of lovely friends I finally finished everything. Well, almost, but most of it is done. I still need some pictures and decoration, but it is clean and neat again. Actually, more than anything else the chaos frustrated me the most. I am not a cleaning maniac, but I need some structure.

And today is the first day I took my dolls out again - whoopee :). Unfortunately my diorama walls are broken (another accident), but I am planning a new one.
Just some pics of Eryn, who is still waiting for her final and smaller eyes. I don't know what is going on at eyeco's, but it is really really annoying that they don't deliver orders in a timely manner.

Anyway, Eryn wea…