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Sunday pictures - sisterly love and Seraphine and Alasdair

I need to sew some new clothes for Alasdair, the poor guy has been neglected.
Seraphine and two of her favorite people. Her sister Tristania and Alasdair.

Sunday pictures - new dresses

Some of the dresses I made for Calliope and Tabea.

And since I just finished this for Tristania I'll add it here:
This is how the top/skirt combination looks without any alterations in jersey and sand coloured corduroy.

Calliope and lots of pants

Just some new pics of Calliope. And a couple of pants I made. I am working on a tutorial and pattern page, and took the pictures to show how the pants look finished.

And the pants :). Corvin is wearing his new shoes from rRabbit, I just got them for the cappucino set from FreedomTeller, but it will take a while until I get that.

EID woman hand parts compared to nYID boy hand parts

I put Leander's hands on Tristania by accident after I blushed his and her new hands, and I have to say, I like the nYID boy hands better on her. She's a strong character, and the super slender fingers don't fit her as well as the slightly broader, veined hands. I think I might order nYID boy hands for her. They have the same size, her hand ring parts are a bit thicker.

A quick comparison picture, please excuse the quality, it's getting dark. And the hands are blushed already, his have a slightly more masculine look - as intended. But without blushing the veins and some nailpolish they don't really look much like a guy's hands.

And just for the fun of it, Leander with EIDw hand parts.

And finally old and new EIDm hand parts in comparison.

Morgenstern picture spam

Just some pictures I took today. Corvin wears the shirt I finished today. I am not quite satisfied with the fit, there's definitely room for improvement. The collar and front comes up to high. Going to change the pattern. And it's funny how much more you can see of his face up when he wears lighter colours.

Calliope Luna Morgenstern

Head sculpt: Iplehouse KID Lisa

About the Morgensterns
Tabea and Corvin Morgenstern are siblings, and they came in search of treatment for Tabea's daughter Calliope, who suffers from Eclipse syndrom.

The Morgensterns decend from a very old bloodline, which has been the center of myths and legends for centuries. Dark beauty runs in the family and there's a history of madness, excess, tragic love stories and violent deaths. The Morgensterns have a reputation for being all that is sinister, decadent and seductive: supposedly one of their ancestors was a siren, and that at least seems to be true.

But even if none of it was true, people are influenced by what they've heard about them, and there certainly is something mysterious and sinister about Tabea and Corvin. They have an almost lazy elegance about them, the way they move and talk is strangely lascivious and mesmerizing. They are very cultivated and soft spoken, but even if their remarks are jaded their dark husky voices soun…