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Crappy pictures - fun project

I've been sewing a lot lately ;).
Sorry for the picture quality, the light was really bad and I didn't have much time. This is a set I made for a doll that does not belong to me, but since I needed a large-bust model, Eryn had to wear it. It's not her style, but she still looks fun in it. And to make this was a lot of fun.

Same for the second one, this blue dress wasn't made for Trish. The last shows the set I did make for her, she is wearing it with her new brown boots and brown panty hose.

Fairy green and Cappucino

Unnea took a break from her usual white and wears green for once. I love these colours on her. I made this dress last week from left over greenish fabric, and the combination looks like something made for a fairy.

And the cappucino set from FreedomTeller arrived. I am a bit disappointed by the colour, it looked so much lighter in the promo pics. And I will have to do something about the vest, the buttonholes are fringed rather sloppily. I was surprised, because the rest is of superior quality.
But he looks every bit as distinguished in it as I imagined he would when I ordered it, darker colour or not. Now I just have to make some more shirts and a tie, maybe.

Alasdair and Ruben - new shirts for the boys

I promised to sew something for Alasdair, I've neglected the poor guy a bit. So I made something special for him. A suede shirt- fake suede of course, a leather shirt would have led to heated discussions about animal rights with his niece Neala - but it looks as soft as it feels. I love the stuff, but it's a bitch to sew. I tried to use the sewing machine, but it's hopeless, so this was a bit of hand stitching.

And Ruben needed a jacket, or another shirt. He got a shirt that also works as a jacket in brown corduroy. I would love to dress him in black, but I am afraid dark clothes will stain his ink. I already managed to chip something off his chest piece with the necklace.

Iplehouse KID head on a JID girl body

Somebody requested a comparison picture and I thought it might be of interest. This is how a KID head looks on a JID girl body. Slightly off, I'd say. Although the size of the head is probably closer to human proportions, it looks weird in doll-size. And the neck looks too long. The head fits on the neck, but it looks a little squeezed in comparison. And it makes the rest of the body look broader, like a boy's body would look.

How to find the time... just some thoughts on sewing for dolls

Like most people with a demanding job I have very little time to spend on my crafting projects, and most of the time I have a lot of other things that require attention. If I postpone sewing projects "until I find the time" to make it kind of a ritual with setting up a work table, arranging everything, brewing a nice cup of tea to get into it and doing it all at once I never get things done, but I found a way to be surprisingly productive without all that. Because I do have time, a couple of minutes every day here and there, waiting times inbetween appointments, slow days, 20 minutes on the train, breaks.. it all adds up.

So I figured I might as well use it instead of wasting it with whatever distraction I used to find. I started with making a nice bag for ongoing sewing projects. Just big enough to put some pre-cut fabric, yarn, scissors and some needles in it and small enough to carry it with me to work. A simple plastic bag would have done the job as well, but I am weird …