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Happy New Year!

It's the last day of the year 2015, and I want to say thanks for a great doll year. I had a lot of fun with my old-established characters and the new arrivals, and I am looking forward to telling new stories, building a new diorama and enjoying the company of people who are creative and inspiring.

A big Thank you to all those who gave positive feedback on my work and another big Thank you to the Iplehouse crew, who made my resin family possible with their craftsmanship.

A happy, healthy and great New Year to all of you!

You are my muse - Unnea sits for Leander

Leander asked Unnea to sit for a drawing, and she visited his studio today.
She was really curious to see his work and what it would be like to sit for a portrait. He usually doesn't like people to see sketches and unfinished work, but they feel so comfortable with each other that he doesn't mind her browsing through his sketches before they start working.

Leander helps her to drape the cloth and arrange it into folds.
The whole procedure requires a lot of touching, of course. ;)

One last thing: May I undo your hair?

Hold that pose, it's perfect! Now to work...

Happy holidays

I hope you and your family have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves!

I will spend the free time working on props for Leander's artstudio, I already made a couple of brushes and some paint tubes. I still need to built some stuff, but a new photoshoot is in the making :).

Early christmas gift

Ruben is very happy about a gift he received from a friend, the dear @Ashemanu, who got this fabulous jacket for him. It was already dark when he unwrapped it and the light was bad, but I'll sure take more pictures of him wearing it.

Thank you, Ashemanu!

Special christmas offer project - unique surprise face up for free

I usually don't offer to take face up commissions, but I had a couple of ideas I'd love to bring to life.

And that's why I offered to do a free face up as a special christmas offer. This was the start of my christmas project. I posted it on a German doll forum, had a couple of replies and chose the head that I was most interested in painting.

Shipping and removal of an existing FU had to be payed for but the face up was free- on one condition:

That I can do whatever I want, without any specifications, mock-ups or sketches. The daring winner of this surprise-experiment is the lovely Sealchin and her Luts LuWen head- still with remains of his previous FU.

I am really looking forward to do his face, but his old face up- or the what was left of it- has to be removed first.

This was what he looked like when he arrived. It all came off without any drastic measures- even though it looked like the resin might have been discoloured on the pictures I saw of him before he arrived.

I w…