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Water nymph picture spam

Just a few pictures of Nimue and two dresses I made for her. I am still waiting for some lighter blue chiffon.


Head sculpt: Zaoll Ramie | Body: MYou SD girl

Finn and Neala made friends with this little sprite.

Nimue is a water nymph and lives near a well in the woods. She is very shy and usually hides as soon as anyone finds their way near her stream but she heard Finn and Neala play the guitar and was curious. They visit Nimue from time to time, she can't stay away from her well for long - she wouldn't survive without water nearby.

Nimue is a very old creature, and she is the keeper of all streams, ponds and wells in her woods.
She loves music and rain, talking to the fish and other animals and her best friend Leaf, who is a dryad.

Azuma arrived

My Absolute doll Asado Azuma head in white skin arrived :). I didn't get a wooden box, he came in a shiny purple one with pink eyes as a gift. Pink and purple are maybe not exactly the colours I planned for him...
His face is even more interesting in person, his eye openings were awfully small though. Since they were also a bit irregular I did a tiny bit of sanding. I am really looking forward to give this guy a face, but he has to wait until I've finished the character I planned for the Ramie head. She already has a face, but I am still waiting for her wig and her clothes will take a while to finish.

New projects

I have some new projects to look forward to, but since these are my first hybrid projects I have to wait until all the parts arrive.
What I already received is my Zaoll Ramie head (I will put her on the MYou SD girl body I ordered for her, and with a little neck-modding it's a really good match, resin colour as well as proportions). She came in a fancy black box with golden seals and a white sweater+panties as a gift.

This girl came in January. She's a Modoll Mody, and she arrived with a couple of scratches and rather dirty. I ordered her from Natrume on Etsy and I was a little disappointed. I had only heard good things about her and expected better quality. She agreed to a partial refund, though. A friend sold me a spiritdoll proud body for her, but unfortunately the body just doesn't work for me. Too tall and far too skinny. It's an ok match, though.

And the last new arrival is my popodoll 68 body for the Asado Azuma-Head (still shipping). I really love this body. Gr…