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First pictures of Leaf the dryad

This girl is not quite finished yet, I am still working on her costume. She had to make do with an old piece of cloth, but I am so glad I finished her body and face that I had to take some pictures. And it was a lot of work. The head is a mess. Scratchy, uneven resin colour, uneven eye sockets (they are still uneven, the resin is thicker in one, and the eyes look a bit misplaced). I tried to fix what I could, but I didn't manage to fix the eye issues. She has a weird eye form anyway, but I liked that about her.The head sculpt is a Modoll Mody, I got her from Natrume on Etsy. She is on a popodoll girl body.

Resin match of head, body and jointed hands was not the best, but since I had planned to paint her with extensive ornamental dryad-tattoos, it's not really noticeable anymore- or so I hope.

Leaf is a dryad, a wild creature of the woods. She can look sweet and harmless, but she's a fierce fighter, an excellent archer and can climb like a wild cat. She roams the woods, loo…

More Enoch pictures

Just some pictures I took today.

Enoch Luna of Arundel

Head sculpt: Asado Azuma | Body: Popodoll 68 male WS

Enoch Luna of Arundel belongs to the ancient coven of supernaturals who are elected by members of the supernatural community to dispense justice, the order of Arundel. The coven was founded nearly 900 years ago at Arundel Castle, and since those days the coven members are named after it.

Each coven member represents a supernatural race, and Enoch was elected by the Moonchild community.
The coven members only ever judge matters of the race they belong to. Their call requires them to travel and attend council meetings, question the accused and pronounce judgement. All members can cast spells that force people to tell the truth, and members of the coven are bound to speak the truth.

It is seen as a great honour to be elected, but it comes at a high price. Some would even call it a curse. The rites of initiation are complicated and involve spells, sacred oaths and blood sacrifices. All members are branded with the secret runes of the c…