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Leaf's costume and picture spam

I finished her basic costume, she still needs a quiver, arrows and a bow. Still looking for a way to make a satisfying bow, but at least she has some clothes.
I'd love to take pictures in a real wood, but there's no wood in the neighbourhood.

Leaf the dryad

Head sculpt: Modoll Mody | Body: Popodoll SD girl body

Leaf is a dryad and a wild creature of the woods. Dryads are also known as tree nymphs.
Leaf is one of the last living dryads, due to the decline of the large woodland areas their natural habitat vanished and their numbers were reduced.

They were shy createres once, but Leaf had to learn how to survive. She can look sweet and harmless, but she's a fierce fighter, an excellent archer and can climb like a wild cat. Leaf lives on a huge willow and is spiritually connected to trees, this one especially. Her life energy is fueled by that of the trees and vice versa.

She has found a friend in Nimue and they sometimes meet at a forest glade near Nimue's stream, where bluebells and wild herbs grow. They like to listen to the song of the water and enjoy the sun. That's where she met Enoch a long time ago, and she wounded him with an arrow. After she realised he was no danger to her she nursed his wound, and since those days…

Play date - picture spam

Just mixed pics I took today. I ordered some backdrops a while ago and had to try this one today.

The cutie and the beast ;)