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Family pictures and Tabea's newest clothes

My resin family gets hard to photograph with everyone in the picture ;). First the whole crowd, then the MacLeans.
And some stuff I made for Tabea.

MYou SD girl body review

Since somebody asked me if I could take some pictures of what poses this girl can do, I thought I might as well write a short review.
As my little Ailsa the MYOU 58cm girl body is of very good quality for the price, all seams are sanded, clean insides and she came in a padded bag. Since MYou is a rather affordable Chinese BJD company, the resin is the typical very opaque and soft resin that tends to be shiny. I ordered the three part torso, and with that and her tigh mobility joints she is an extraordinary poser.

I chose her because I wanted a body for my Zaoll Ramie head and thought the colour (NS) might be a match. It is, a nearly perfect one even, but the neck does NOT fit without modding. If you are able to take a bit off the neck it's a beautiful body for Zaoll heads.

I like her proportions and I like the form of her breasts (I am not a fan of the pointy boobs or unnatural looking balloons). She stands like a rock and can bend sideways, back and forth better than any other do…

The sunny lane

I was hoping to take some pictures outside, but now that it's sunday and I have the time it's all still too wet from the drizzle this morning. Had to use a backdrop instead.

Alasdair and Finn have not been outside the closet for a while. And since they both have a favorite girl Seraphine and Finn's twin Neala need a day out, too.

Yet another dress picture post

Another sewing result post..

Blue romance

I found this flowery blue print and wasn't sure if it would suit Sophia, but I think she looks lovely in blue.