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nYID lace babydoll dress tutorial

I know, I told some people I wouldn't add new patterns, because I was a bit miffed to see that I had a couple more downloads than people who followed the few rules I asked to accept, and I saw some dresses on etsy that had a very familiar cut. But hey, that's the internet, I guess. I'll get over it ;).

As promised, here's a short 'how to' for Tabea's dress. Just in case you can't see the previous blog entry on a phone or tablet, this is how it looks. I chose to close it with one button attached to the waistband. The skirt is open at the back, but since the ruffles are overlapping it doesn't matter. It's super easy to put on this way.
I ordered my lace from a Chinese seller on ebay called anitashu11, but if you don't want to wait I am sure you find something nice at laceplace or a similar shop. And it doesn't need to be lace, of course, it just looks fancier.

I just posted the pattern for the top in the pattern section of the blog.

Lace and grace

Ok, it's Tabea now, not Grace anymore. I finished this lace babydoll today. It's basically just my bustier-pattern (which I will post in the pattern section soon) and a length of lace. I found a shop on ebay with a large selection of lace trim. They're great for skirts, even though the more transparent ones need lining if you don't want them see-through. Which I didn't.

You'll find the pattern for the top here

Large guys are hard to handle

And that is probably why I don't take Ruben out often. He is just not my favorite size. But I just realized that there is no picture folder of him in 2016 and that needed to be changed. Ruben is actually shy of cameras, and I made him pose without a shirt, which is something he hates. It's so not like him, but anyway, he did it today, just for you :). Talking about hunks...

A dolly journey through the web

This hobby would not be possible without the internet, and it would be a lot less fun without pictures, inspiration and a lot of people who put effort and skill into their work.
I follow a lot of blogs, but I don't have the time to read a lot, and I am not big on commenting. But there are a lot of artists I admire, flickr accounts I frequently check for new pictures. Such a lot of photographic skill, creativity and dexterity that goes into the work shown that it is just fun to enjoy the result.
Some of them are so well known in the BJD-collector's community that I probably don't need to mention them.
Doll artists  Besides the well known companies there are doll artists who I think deserve more attention. Some of them have become quite popular, like Amadiz. But there are a lot of people who create beautifully unique dolls.

Natalia Loseva dolls Russian doll artist
Ancient Tales dolls made by Helga Reinhard Russian doll artist who creates unique mature minis
Lyouba dolls French …

The Morgensterns - just some pictures

The second batch for today. Morgenstern pictures. It's funny, Tabea is the only one of my dolls who likes to wear all different kind of clothes. All others are very particular about their style and colours. Today she chose some compfy jeans and a shirt.

Enoch pictures

I took Enoch out for some pictures today. There was a particularly persistent bumblebee, which seemed to have an appetite for monks. As soon as I managed to pose him it wanted to be in the picture. These at least are without any visible insects.

Terrible hairdos and sisterly love

Tabea had fun today. Or rather, I had fun with an updo wig I got at a reduced price, probably because it's a mixture between a fifties wifey dream and just a very tacky - or should I say cheesy- hairdo. All in pink. Ahhh, all that kitsch.

So, enjoy ;)

And the Morrigan sisters wanted a group photo, but it started to rain just the moment I had them arranged, so they look kind of dark.