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Sorry, I made a mistake with the SID woman pants pattern. I hope none of you already tried it and wondered why it doesn't fit. It's fixed now and the new pattern is up.

Meanwhile I've done the hands of my new dolls and I am really looking forward to do their faces. But that'll have to wait.

Have a great day!

Box opening JID Kyle, Sid Aurora, nYID Isis

I collected my new family members from the customs office today. Don't know if Iplehouse changed this or if somebody at the airport customs forgot to put the "foam people" back in, but only the JID boy had the foam cover in dollform. Anyway, I liked the look of the old boxes better, but the most important thing is that they arrived safely.

Just some quick box opening pictures before I have to start work...

Meet Kyle, Aurora and Isis. Kyle and Aurora have been on my wish list for ages.

Design update

Since the character cast got so populated that a lot of scrolling was necessary to get to the blog navigation I tried to make the design a little easier to navigate. I hope you like it like this. Have a great day :)