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Fritz the dog and cats in the hobby

Why humans are in the hobby is a question that has been asked and answered many times. But why are cats? In most box opening videos or photos cats have a cameo appearance, wether they are rummaging through new enticing cardboard homes or taking an active interest in wig choices - they seem to be part of the hobby.
I can't arrange props for photos without my cat having an opinion if they look better standing or upside down, help is also offered with artistic fabric folds while trying to cut pattern pieces. SD hands have perfect head scratching height, and a picture is only perfect with a cat's tail in it. They're definitely in the hobby.

But here I am talking about cats when I wanted to introduce Fritz, who is a dog. Peregrin's dog, to be exact, and a dog with very frizzy fur, hence the name. He is my first attempt at needle felting, and I will probably make another one- without repeating the mistakes I made with this one. I should have used different fur, this stuff lo…

Vasilissa Luna Baranova

Head sculpt: Iplehouse nYID Isis | Body: nYID medium bust NS

Vasilissa is one of those Moonchildren with special gifts and skills. Her mother joined a coven of witches when Vasilissa was a little girl, first just to have a place to live after their house burnt down. Her mother had friends among the witches and she was welcome to stay.

She was happy to have found a new home, but she needed to pay her way and make herself useful. She wanted to learn how to use the craft and asked the witches to teach her the basics. Vasilissa showed some talent for magic and soon the witches started to train her, too.

The coven members had no qualms about using dark macig, they were living in dangerous times and they had to defend themselves as well as earn a living from all sorts of potions. And with her mother dabbling in the dark arts the little girl did not only learn child safe spells. She was taught not to use potentially harmful magic against friends and family, but the ethical aspect of using da…

Peregrin Luna MacLean

Sculpt: Iplehouse JID Kyle | Body: JID muscle boy NS

Peregrin is Solovet's son. He is usually called Perrin or Per by friends and Pip by his mom, although he starts to think Pip sounds a bit childish.

He hadn't seen his cousins for a while and he was happy to see they were as fun as he remembered. He spent a summer with Finn and Neala some years ago and they had a great time. Perrin is an only child and he loves to be with all his cousins, their friends and all the other kids in Eryn's home. He sometimes finds the noise and hubbub a bit overwhelming, but nevertheless he was excited to go.

Peregrin is as orderly and great with maths as his mom, he studies hard out of interest, and he loves solving crosswords. He and his mom sometimes set crossword puzzles for each other, and who solves them last has to do the dishes for a month.The same rule applies to loosing chess games.

He is also very athletic. He likes to push himself to his limits - running, climbing or biking. And n…

Solovet Luna MacLean

Head sculpt: Iplehouse EID Aurora | Body: SID small bust NS

Solovet came to visit her siblings Eryn, Alasdair and Unnea. They asked for her help with some financial transactions and Solovet thought it would be nice to stay for a while, catch up, give her son Peregrin the chance to meet his cousins again and relax for a bit.

Solovet is a finacial advisor for moonchild finances. All supernaturals need to find ways to handle their finances during a supernatural lifespan without raising suspicion. The supernatural council founded a bank a long time ago to manage accounts for clients with extraordinary longevity, but most of them prefer gold or other enduring valuables. Family treasures are mostly kept in secret places, guarded and conceiled with charms, but moonchildren still need cash and bank accounts for transactions in human society.

Solovet's job is to trade in valuable items and manage supernatural accounts. She is not only a supernatural banker but an expert in antiques, valuab…

Wig jam

When your doll picks the least likely wig...
Sometimes these little lumps of resin make their own decisions.
The two wigs I ordered for one of my new characters are not too bad, but not really satisfying either. I tried them in different positions, styled them differently, but the curls look too young and the brown cut is somewhat boring.
And then I found a wig in my wig box I got some time ago with a bunch of others, a reddish blonde with an unnatural orange tint, with strands of hair standing up in weird angles. I never seriously considered to use it, it just looked like a hairy mishap. I had forgotten about it until now.

I tried it just for fun, and what can I say: he loves it. It came to life, so to speak, and so did he. He just looks most like the character with this odd thing. I even ordered another wig in latte, just to make sure, but I have a feeling he'll keep this. At least I was able to smooth it down a bit with hot water, and after washing it most of the orange came ou…