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Working and waiting

First of all, a message to +Tambra Burt : I deleted you comment by accident, sorry for that.

It's been a while since I last posted, and I am waiting for incoming back drops and stuff I want to use to continue working on my diorama. But I am pretty busy at the moment and it's dark when I come home from work, so not the best conditions to take pictures. My girls got some new dresses, though, and I am looking forward to use my new back drops.

This is one of Vasilissa's new dresses, I am still waiting for passements I wanted to add along the jacquard panel.

Emerald dress and my holiday project

A happy new year to all of you!

Since I managed to damage the diorama I made some time ago I had plans to build a new one. I wanted it to be a little easier to store, and with a slightly different set of parts. This time I used something called Finnpappe (woodpulp board), very easy to cut but not quite as sturdy as the old one. I just had time to build the set of walls, and the next step will be to paper it, paint it and make the window and door.

And I finished another dress for Vasilissa, emerald this time. I need ot take some better pictures but I wanted to use the remaining daylight for now.