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Crappy light and three-legged-chairs

We had kind of a holiday today (people wear costumes, get terribly drunk and dance in the streets to awful music), and since I'd rather stay out of their way I tried to take some pictures of the new diorama.
Unfortunately the only free space to put it is in a corner that doesn't get much light if it's as gloomy as today. And my girls must have been jumping on the furniture when I wasn't looking, one of the chair's legs broke off. I didn't notice until it was too late, so you have to ignore the leg in the pictures.
As soon as the weather gets better and I have better light I will take loads of pictures, but I wanted to post at least these to give you an impression how the whole thing turned out.

Just pictures

The new backdrops arrived :-). Light is still bad, though. Never mind, I had to take some pictures using two of them.

This is the candelabra I made using a coin, a nut, two tattoo needle bars, silver beads and some wire.

Building a fireplace

A comfy armchair in front of a fireplace, a good book and a cup of tea...
I always dreamed of having a fireplace, but since that'll stay a dream I thought at least my resin family should have one. It will be part of the new diorama.

Now I just need some things to put on the mantle, like a clock or a candelabra. Have to build those too, I guess.

I think I will darken the sides a bit more, and get some orange transparent paper or some more LED candles. And I do have a swing chair, so it'll be a comfy place to read and dream staring into the flames...

Work in progress

Slow but steady...
The walls of my new diorama are finally painted, and one of the part's backs makes a nice new background.
I mixed the colour for the foam stucco piece with sand to make it look less like styrofoam.
And the trim for Vasilissa's dress arrived, I accentuated it with bronze beads. Seraphine has a new dress, too.
Maybe I'll add a ribbon to the neckline, it kind of folds up depending on how the arms are positioned.