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Just some pictures - Calliope

Today was one of those days when I hate to be indoors. But I had to work on drawings all day, so no sun and garden for me. But I took a break for some quick spring pictures. This little girl has not been in any pictures this year, so Calliope it is.

More stuff for the diorama

It's starting to feel like the home I imagined. I finished some new stuff and got a package with a kitty and china. The china is a bit too small and the cat a little too large, but they work. I would have liked to have the china in blue, but apparently they picked it randomly. I've seen it so often on flickr that it seems to be something like a must have for doll homes.

It's rather tiny compared to the roses, but maybe my girls are collecting miniatures :-)

This book case is usually half-hidden by the sofa, so I took this picture to show how it looks without other furniture blocking the view. I added the second, smaller case to close the gap and have some more visible books. And one can never have enough of those. My girls are all great readers, and this is just a small part of all the books, most of them are in the imaginary library.

This is the cat, and as a typical cat it occupies the warmest, cosiest place. It's face looks a bit strange, but if you turn it like th…