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Give me red

Remember the flowerprint fabric I got from styx? Eryn hinted that she'd like something for the warm weather, and since Eryn loves red this is the result. Tiny flowers look feminine as a rule, but worn by Eryn feminine is an understatement.

Dots and Mailin exploring

These two little varmints have become great friends, and they've been out playing today. They found a huge wheel that needed to be climbed, and they came home very dirty...but they had a lot of fun.

One cut - three dresses

Same pattern for three dresses. What I like about this cut is that it looks nice both ways - fitting tight or loosely, and with a variety of fabric, embellishments and necklines the dresses look still different enough.

Lovely birthday surprise

My special thanks to Styx, who gave me the loveliest fabric for a lot of new doll clothes. The kids can't wait :). Thank you very much.

And I added some bronce-gold buttons to the green dress. The grey dress is another recently finished one, it's supposed to look a bit governess-like.