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A couple of twin dresses.

Cinnamon & Juniper

Cinnamon & Juniper aka Cinna & June
Head sculpt: Myou Delia NS | Body: MYou45 girl

These two are my inseparable twin sisters Cinnamon and Juniper, almost always called Cinna and June. June is a couple of minutes older, but she doesn't mind that Cinna is the first mentioned if people talk about them or call them. They are both very gentle and sweet, June is the quieter one.

Cinna & June are herb elves, they can make spices and herbs grow and know all about their properties. That is, they will when they've grown up, until then they are just elfin fifteen year old girls who are still learning.

They love music, singing, dancing in the rain, each other and they like to sew twin style dresses. They are almost never dressed exactly alike, and they are glad that some quirk of nature gave them different eye colours, but they like to look like the perfect complement to each other. And they are. They both like the colours their names suggest, Cinna brown and red, and June blu…

Twin arrival

My twins arrived this morning :). I ordered them in April from Alice's Collection during special discount event period, and I am glad Myou seems to have a lot of orders and their waiting times are longer.

The twins are Delias in normal skin. Lily is a MYou doll as well and I knew what to expect, but once again I am very pleased with the quality. They are carefully sanded, not a single seam or even a speck of dust. They came with basic underwear, a face mask and glass eyes. I just wish they would offer more hand parts.

Their names will be Cinnamon and Juniper, short Cinna & June. I hope I can make time to give them a face soon. They won't be exactly alike, I am thinking of different colour schemes, brownish for Cinnamon and blue green for Juniper.

Happy :). Now I have twins, styx will be happy, and they will show off a lot of twin-style dresses. I have to admit, that's the reason I wanted them.

Softhearted badass

No pink shirt for this guy, I swear :)
I took a couple days off and had time to do all the stuff I usually postpone. Like taking pictures (just in case you wonder why I've made such a lot of posts these last days). This guy has been neglected as well. I used the prime lense again, and I love the soft and natural colours this thing produces.

Ruben shirtless

Saturday story time

Eryn and Solovet needed to go shopping today, so Seraphine and Tristania look after Fiona and Amanthis. They all came over for breakfast.

Amanthis loves strawberry jam, and she only lets Trish clean it off her face because she is busy wondering why they have the same shirt colour.

The shirt is forgotton as soon as she discovers the toys. Fiona and Amanthis have a discussion about who should be the one who gets to walk the tiger-duck.

Tristania keeps an eye on the two.

Amanthis wants to teach her doll Elsbeth how to ride a duck, but Elsbeth keeps falling off.

Meanwhile, Stella and Sophia are hanging out in Stella's room.

Alasdair came over to keep Seraphine company.

Fiona is leaving the tiger duck to Amanthis, who is happy to have it all to herself. Seraphine offers to read to Fiona, something she usually loves.

But this time she is more interested in the maganzine she spotted on the table.

Eryn and Solovet are back, and the little ones are excited to see what they bought. Amanthi…

The last one in white

This is the last of the series of dresses, I just didn't manage to take pictures of it with the last batch. Still a tiny bit of pink, but Unnea doesn't mind. (And I hope styx doesn't mind as well, I don't want her to get a serious allergic reaction to pink). I never thought I'd like pink enough to actually use pink fabric, but being in the hobby for a while changes ones attitude towards cuteness and pinkness.

Loads of pictures

Pictures, pictures....

I made this dress as a birthday present for a friend, and since she owns several Iples as well my girls could model for her.

But since I already had the pink fabric I made something pink for Unnea, who does prefer white. But the pink brings out her eye colour.

Seraphine asked me to take a picture of her with Alasdair, and since I haven't made any pictures of him for quite some time I was glad for the reminder.

Corvin too, actually.

And Tabea, Fiona and Calliope.