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Plaid shirt and new fabric

Do I need more fabric? Not really, but I can always use more. I got this today, basic white cotton popeline for shirts and a grey-beige knitted fabric for sweaters, some beige chambre and the mexican print. I am a bit disappointed that the rapport of the mexican print is not as small as I thought it would be, but I will use it for human sized projects instead. I wish I'd find something like this in small, though.

And Alasdair is next in line to get new stuff, I started with making a plaid shirt for him. Plaid shirts are tricky, it's annoying if the pattern is not properly aligned at the seams. I had this fabric for ages, the lavender is maybe not the most masculine, but Alasdair doesn't mind.

And this is the result of my inability to throw away left overs. Only if they are very tiny, but if they might be useful I keep them. And they are useful, if you need some decoration or a gift.

Eye comparison 12mm eyes

In answer to a question regarding eye sizes I did some quick comparison pictures. Most of my dolls wear Eyeco soft silicone eyes, which come in odd sizes. What normally would be 12mm in standard glass eye size is 13mm for Eyeco. Since they come with larger whites, it's possible to go one size down, sometimes even two. Most of my girls wear a smaller size, Eyeco 11mm for a recommended size of 12mm. Depending on the form of the eyes it's sometimes even possible to go down 2 sizes, as I did with my Myou twins.

Someone was asking for eyes for an IOS Hiro, a doll with a very long, almost slitted eyeshape. The closest to this eye shape I can offer is my Leaf, although she is maybe not the best example. Her eyes are a bit weird, the outer corners of her eyes go very far back to the sides of her temples, the sockets are uneven and irregular. The size recommendation for her was 14-16mm, which is huge. For the picture I used 12mm standard glass and Eyeco 13mm soft silicone. The super sm…

Corvin's new face

Two weeks ago I damaged Corvin's face up beyond repair. Stupid, really. I usually never paint my nails, but a couple of days before I did and forgot about it. That's how it happened, and I made a long purple scratch I couldn't remove without very visible side effects, so I decided to wipe him clean and redo his face. I was a bit worried if I could replicate the old one and still make some improvements to enhance the byronesque features and make him look a little more mature.

I finished him two days ago and I am very happy with the way he turned out. Unfortunately it was a bit too dark to take better pictures than these.

More twin dresses

More twin style dresses. I am a bit obsessed with the twins as it seems. They are just so much fun to sew for.

Boy clothes and posing fails

Today I wanted to take pictures of some JID boy clothes. The poor guys have been neglected for some time now, but I made them a bunch of shirts, pants and other stuff.

I still had the background fabric arranged from the twin photos this morning, so I used it for the boys too. Not really masculine, but it'll have to do.

Fritz came along too. Peregrin was very disciplined at first - Finn and Fritz not so much.

Fritz wanted to be in the picture, too.

Not that much, please. Down, Fritz!

Ok, guys, can you please just pose naturally? 

Thank you, and now the blue stripes, Peregrin.

More over here!

Not you, Fritz!

My ear is wet now, eeww.

I have to continue this some other day. Finn and Peregrin started goofing around after this and I couldn't talk them into showing off any more clothes.

ResinRapture has a facebook page now

I very much appreciate the comments on the blog, but I've sometimes wished it was possible to comment on specific pictures, or ask a quick question. People have done that on facebook instead.

I've been sharing pictures to doll groups on facebook, but I want to keep my hobby private. That is, I don't want all the customers of my shop to know I collect dolls, and that is the reason I just posted in closed groups. It became somewhat confusing to keep track of who was a shop customer, who a fellow doll enthusiast and who was a friend of a friend who wanted to know something about my job.

That's the reason I created a facebook page for the blog, to share some posts, pictures and thoughts. I'd be happy if you'd pay a visit, like, share and feel free to comment if you like. I know that most people check facebook more often than google+ timelines.

ResinRapture on facebook

Thanks, dears :)