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TrickyBJDFeet - a new project

If you have been wondering why I posted so many shoe reference pictures, this was the reason:

I would like to introduce a new project: TrickyBJDFeet, a shoe finding help for BJD with petite or oversized feet. Tricky feet.

I have been wanting to do this for some time, and started with a basic concept in August. But since it was quite a bit of work, balljointedwoman joined in to help. She is the blog-author of AstheResinWorldTurns, and we have been following each other's blogs for years. And Musume from MydollyAdventures added her research regarding mini heel feet. Thanks again, you've been great!

In short: Take a look and spread the news! The link to the discussion on DOA is still missing, and I'll add it when the mods have decided where to start the discussion.

Click the image or follow the link to go to TrickyFeet.

JID boys wearing sneakers and dollzone boots

My boys don't have that many shoes. They are quite content with sneakers and a pair of boots, and although I have other shoes for them they tend to wear the same shoes with everything. They're boys, after all.

The first picture shows the Iple Jid boy foot, which is rather narrow compared to other boy feet. It looks as if it could almost fit into the MSD girl shoe. It doesn't, though. But Iple JID boys fit into some standard unisex sneakers and boots, and since I found some that look good I didn't bother searching for other shoe options.

These sneakers are standard MSD sneakers. I ordered them from ACbjd, they are available in different colours. Even if the item description sais 6.2 inner length and JID boys feet are listed with 6.5cm, they fit. (I measured Finn's feet, and they are 6.2cm, apparently Iple made a mistake in the item description on the order page of the JID boys) The first time you put them on you need to wiggle the foot in, but once they have been wo…

Boneka doll shoes worn by Iplehouse JID and Myou

I needed some more shoes for my Myou Twins, and since they can wear the same shoes that fit Iplehouse JIDs I ordered some more Boneka shoes. They have the classic doll shoe look, but they're inexpensive and they arrive within days after ordering for a change, thanks to national shipping.

And I am working on a new project. A project about shoes, and that's why I have been posting shoe reference pictures. I will tell you more about it when I have the basics ready to publish it.

The white and black are girl's shoes, the brown pair is made for boys, but they're the same size. These are shoes size 057N, and they can be ordered in a variety of colours. They are made for Helen Kish 14" dolls (not BJD), but they fit perfectly.

JID girl wearing Boneka Mary Janes size 057N These are regular slim mini shoes. They fit JID girls okay-ish, but look a little odd. At least worn with this dress. ;).

Shoes and boots reference pictures- Iplehouse large girls

This is a picture reference in answer to the question how SD boy boots look on Iplehouse Ladies.

My favorite boots for the large girls are actually standard size SD boots from ACbjd. They fit all large girls, come in brown, black and white and the girls stand like a rock in them. They don't look that oversized, and they can be worn with pants and skirts.
Link to item
This is how they look on a SID, and here you can see them worn by a nYID.

Eryn (SID body) is wearing SD boy sneakers in the picture below.

These are SD boy boots, they are ankle boots and come with a tiny zipper. Tristania (EID) wears them in this picture. Link to item.

I bought these for Enoch, but they can be worn by girls as well. They look rather long, though. They are wamami boots I found on ebay.

I just received these, they're rrabit SD10/13 Girl BLS007 - Black - Square Mary Jane Shoes. They are very tight, and they only fit the updated heel feet (they were renewed in 2015 I believe), but they look very good …

Dots and pots

Some time ago a friend gave me this little white pot. She knew I had dolls but didn't know what kind of dolls. I never told her the size wasn't quite right :). At least for it's proper use. But one can use a pot in different ways. And if it's just as something to sit on.

And this is for Styx: Alasdair is still happy. It's just a bit too large to snag it. So his shirt is safe.

White collars

Another twin style dress set, this time with white collars and underskirt. I didn't get the same pattern in two colours, but I think these two work.