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Shoe haul and random girls

Working on TrickyBJDFeet was reason enough to buy a couple of shoes. The small heels are for my future FID Raffine and Rachel, the larger ones for the SID and nYID girls as well as my only EID woman.

The larger ones are from ACbjd (except for the heels, those are from rabbit), all fit and I like the sporty look. They are not that huge- in fact they fit perfectly, and with different laces they don't even look that much like sneakers. Not much to do about the white soles, but I don't mind. Almost all of them have tiny zippers in addition to the lace up, and they are much easier to put on.

I was planning to take a couple of pictures today, but I had a dentist appointment and my face is still so swollen that it hurts to press one eye shut. So there are just three pretty boring pictures, but I like them all the same. I am thinking of redoing Stella's face up, her FU has suffered a bit over time. And I have no idea why Iple dicontinued Leona, she is such a lovely sculpt.

Minimizing the wishlist

I only ever want three, I said once. We all know how that ended. I want no dolls with eye sizes below 11mm, I said. This might be one of those things that turn out to be untenable.

I have no space for more large dolls. And that's why I decided to go FID and minimize the wish list. Minimize as in smaller dolls, not in a smaller wish list. I am not sure if the size is for me, but I won't know if I never try, right? Most of the female FIDs on offer are sculpts I either own in their original size or sculpts I am not particularly fond of. There are two I was interested in, Miho and Raffine. Raffine caught my eye when she was released as limited EID, but I chose others over her.

I would love to have a FID Doria, Rebecca and Harace... Those were on my wish list for quite some time, and now Rebecca is discontinued.

Miho was already on my wish list, but I saw some owner pictures of her that looked like the spitting image of a former class mate, and I couldn't "unsee" tha…

Autumn knit

It's getting chilly outside. Time for knit wear.

First Corvin. I made a cable-knit sweater in cream white for him. He's wearing suit pants from freedom teller with it.

Alasdair got a new sweater, too. He liked this jacquard knit, and it's very warm and soft. But he forgot to set aside the glasses for the picture. He agreed to let me post it, he is not that vain, even though he normally doesn't want to be photographed wearing them.

Leander borrowed one of Ruben's sweaters, but it nearly drowned him. But he likes the colour and asked if I could make one in this tone for him. I guess I will.

Ruben got it back.

Neala is starting to wear shoes again. She usually spends the summer barefooted. Since the sun is still warm she decided a tunic and shawl will be enough for now.

Sophia felt inspired by the blue notes. She got a new cardigan and a dress made from left over fabric to go with it.