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Equestrian challenge part one

Follow the link to part two...

The horse turns out to be thoroughly painted. Several layers of dark brown to remove. I used the method I use for removing face ups/body blushing. Wrapping alcohol-drenched cotton wool around the body and covering it with plastic wrap to keep it from drying is quite a bit of work when the object is this large. But letting it sit like that for a couple of hours did the job, and most of the paint came off at the first scrub. As you can see, there's still a bit of scrubbing left. And apparently the plastic the body is made of was either brownish right from the start or it turned brown under the paint. Doesn't matter though, the horse is going to be a buckskin Lusitano and the colour scheme will stay in the brownish range.

Meanwhile I've been sewing a saddle. Something I will not do again any time soon. Unfortunately the doll the horse was meant for has really long legs, so the stirrups have to come down to a level where it does not only look odd…

Mini girl and maxi horse

Raffine shipped much faster than I expected, and I fetched her from the customs office on Wednesday. I wasn't sure if the size would feel right, but I actually love it. It's a fun size, easy to handle. She came a bit floppy, but I want to suede her anyway, so tightening the strings won't be much of a hassle. For some reason the extra hand parts were outside her box, and I was really lucky nothing broke.

I don't have enough time during daylight hours, so their faces will have to wait until after chistmas. And all my other plans as well. I've started too many projects. It starts to get stressful, and where's the fun in that? So I will pack all the stuff up and store it out of the way (heaps of stuff that demand attention are stressful as well) and get to them one after another.

All the more to look forward to. And I did something stupid- at least considering that I already have so little space left. I got a horse. A big horse. But at least it doesn't need to …

Ancient tales Rachel arrived

Back in the days when the UDSSR still existed and Russians weren't allowed to travel meeting Russians was kind of exotic, at least were I live. The first Russians I met were my little sister's violin teacher and his family, they somehow got out. It was a family of artists, and the first impression I got as a child was that Russians are a people of gifted craftsmen, who are able to make something out of nothing. I was fascinated by the wooden sculptures carved from drift wood by the father, the crochet work the mother made and all kind of objects that had ornaments and embellishments I hadn't seen before. And Russian illustrated fairy tale books.. I must have spent hours looking at the pictures.

This is still what I associate with the culture: That a lot of Russians have a skill for artisan crafts work that shows in a love for intricate details, perfectionism and a touch of something ornamental I can't quite put my finger on, but that is somehow often recognizable as Ru…