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Roux de Moreau

Head sculpt: Iplehouse FID Raffine | Body: Iplehouse FID classic body, medium bust NS

Best friends QueenieWaldenLudivine and Roux live in a turn-of-the-century brownstone transformed into appartments. The house belongs to Queenie's parents. The downstairs rooms and former servant quarters are now serving as a shared office/conference room, a photo studio and a shared living room. Each of them has their own appartment, but they often work together and like to hang out or invite friends.

Roux de Moreau is a residential architect. She has mostly been working for an architectural firm that transforms and restores landmarks lately, and she loves it. She works a lot, often from home, and she's a coffein junky. A day that doesn't start with making a Thermos full of freshly ground pour over coffee with cinnamon is a lost day in her book.

Her coffee consumption might be the reason for her nervousness. Roux is also a bit of a worrywart. She worries about a lot of things, wether i…

New face for the blog

Time for a new design for my blog. A while ago I read about an interesting feature blogger has been offering for a while - I just didn't know. If you type '/view' after any bloggerdomain you can see what the blog looks like in the dynamic view mode. Several views, actually. I had to try it and I liked the clean look of the magazine view and the timeslide mode.

I told my blogging friend Balljointedwoman about it, and she beat me to it and picked the magazine look for her blog. It looks very good - really like a magazine (and her Diner is just fab). The downside is that there's not much room for individual design ideas, and I had a bit more customization in mind. I spend the last two days playing around with several looks - as you might have noticed.
This is the result. I didn't want to hide my doll profiles somewhere in the post archive, and all the tiny icons tend to give the blog a cluttered look. But I hope this new design looks cleaner and still like a Moonchild…

Merry Christmas

A merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you have a great time and happy holidays.

Christmas preparations... The kids had a lot of fun.

I will try some new design ideas over the holidays, so don't be surprised if the blog design changes or stuff doesn't work temporarily.

Rachel Záhada

Mature Tiny art doll by Helga Reinhard / Ancient Tales 33,5 cm body.
Sculpt: Ancient Tales Rachel

Meet Rachel Záhada- or Razá, as her friends call her. Záhada is Czech for enigma or mystery. She is a sphinx-like lady of many secrets, and she can be angelic as well as daemonic. She is an augur, a seer who has visions of things to come. She keeps that to herself, though. She occasionally does séances, but what she tells people is only bits and pieces, and mostly she just tells them what they want to hear.

She likes to travel and visit places with history, and she has been a travel guide for archeological sites and historic monuments. She loves the mysterious ones the best, of course.

Razá has also been a variety dancer, a singer and tightrope artist. Dominatrix and librarian, she has done it all. She is a quiet, subtle observer and amused by human folly. She is very smart, knows her own mind and she looks regal even in rags.

From OurGeneration horse to buckskin Lusitano - customizing a horse part two

A couple of days back I posted the first part of the transformation. Meanwhile the horse got a mane and tail, and I made a halter. It even has eyelashes, although the pictures I was able to take are not the best, it is just too dark. But before it started to snow I was able to take a few pictures in daylight, and they show at least how the colour looks. I would love to take pictures in sunlight to show the golden sheen, but that will have ot wait. I am still happy with the way he turned out, even though I decided not to mod him and give the sculpt more detail, what was there is more visible now. The mane and tail is made from black and silvergrey bjd hair wefts, which I tried to make a bit wavy with braiding and hot water.

Meet Raziel, a buckskin Lusitano. He is a very obnoxious gelding. He was probably gelded too late, he still shows a lot of stallion manners. And he has his own opinions on what he should and shouldn't do. But he is eager to work, sure-footed and despite his chee…

Fashion doll shoes from facets for FID

As promised some pictures of fashion doll shoes from Marcia They are Evangeline Ghastly/American model doll size, and unfortunately they are not a good fit, at least not on the heel feet the girls come with. They might fit better on the high heel feet which are sold as doll option parts and are not part of the basic doll. I will test it later, once I got them. Facets shoes are very thin and fragile, and they are very narrow. They're inexpensive, though.

The first two are sold as Open toe sandals and Curve sandals for American Model. While both of them are too long, the open toe sandals are a better fit. If you don't mind that the toes don't show they are okayish. She can stand in all of the shoes, but the curve sandals easily fall off, they're too wide as well.

These two are called Sitting pretty and Lace up shoe. While both stay on the lace up shoes give the foot a weird angle - you can see that the heel doesn't really connect. And those tiny l…

Santa Costume for Rachel

I made a Santa costume for Rachel. I wanted to introduce her first and post this after, but the light is so bad that I just managed to take these before it got too dark.

Her name is Rachel Záhada, and her friends call her Razá. Zahada is Czech for enigma or mystery. She is a sphinx-like lady of many secrets,  and she can be angelic as well as daemonic. She changed her hair colour to blond for fun.