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Incoming Claude

I picked up Claude this morning :-). Which was doubly enjoyable this time, we had almost springlike weather, and I decided to walk half the way to the customs office. Just to hear the birds sing and enjoy the sudden warmth after the storms last week. It's still only 15°C, but for January that's almost hot. The only drawback is that sudden temperature changes make my finger joints ache, but it'll pass.

This is the first FID guy in the house, and he's even more detailed than my EID man. He will be Walden. I am not sure if I like all those tiny sculpted veins in such a small scale, but they sure are great sculpting work. A downscaled nYID body would have been enough for me in the muscle department, but when he's wigged and dressed it'll be ok. In combination with his head I'd prefer downscaled nYID or SID proportions, but I am ok with the body. And I am very pleased to find those little Iples to be very good posers. I guess I'll suede him anyway, but even …

Yes, it's pink!

I received a very funny gift yesterday. Thank you so much, styx!

It's kind of an inside-joke, styx has been commenting on my blog for quite some time, and while I am tolerant of pink in small doses she's downright allergic to pink. I guess it's not so much the color itself but the attitude of pink girly cuteness that's suspicious. A lot of her comments were about terrible things that would happen to my dolls if they'd start to wear pink and as a result I started to threaten her with the prospect of pink shirts for the guys.

As a new year's resolution she apparently planned to to something about the pink allergy, and send me a very nice donation to my fabric stock. As you might have guessed it's pink (a pale wild rose pink I actually really like). It came in a pink envelope with a pink card. Since she sent it to my tattoo studio address the postal guy looked slightly irritated when he handed me that envelope. The color doesn't exactly match the parlor…

New Year, new clothes

Somehow the new year doesn't feel that new anymore, even though it has just been 10 days. Time enough to finish a couple more outfits. And I received Rachel's fixed feet back, along with a Russian Christmas card - Thank you, Olga :). The high heel feet were missing the metal hooks to put them on, and I had to send them back to Russia.

And I need to sort fabric to check what I have - to avoid ordering the same fabric twice because I forgot about it after I stored it away. If I had more space I would like to put the fabric in transparent boxes and stack them on shelfs. I've seen enviable pictures of people's sewing rooms, but I guess I have to make do with what I have. At least the colors don't fade inside a box under my bed ;).

Roux can wear pretty much any color, but I think she likes colors in the brown palette best, followed by blue and green. I would love to have some white boots for her, but I haven't found any I liked that would fit her.

The last two pictu…

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a happy 2018, with a lot of happy dolly hours.

Roux had to do today what she is supposed to do: She's a fashion doll after all. So posing and fashion it is.

Without further ado, outfits for you.