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Bling - BJD jewelry

I usually make jewelry along with new outfits, or jewelry that goes with a color scheme to fit several outfits or a doll's personal style. Jewelry to enhance an outfit, or just to accessorize. Most of my dolls wear necklaces, earrings or bracelets, some always the same, some change their bling with the outfit.

But I never made a post just about the bling, and I thought it was time to change that. After all it took a lot of time to make, and especially the FID size requires tiny but mature looking jewelry. I have made a lot more, but these are some pieces I made for the fun sized dolls.

It feels like spring

Today was such a beautiful warm day! Time for some spring weather appropriate pictures :). I would have loved to take pictures in the garden, but I didn't want to disturb the bluetits. They are nesting right above the bank I would have used for the pictures.

And in addition to the spring feel top I finished a jacket and a matching purse. Now I just need to find white boots.
It's funny, Ludivine wasn't really planned, I just wanted to order Queenie (Raccoon Rosie) at first. And now Ludivine is taking up a lot of my time, and Queenie is still waiting to get her face. The second one, actually. I managed to seal in some dust, and had to remove her first face. Her head is waiting to get attention, but I don't want to rush it.

Ludivine and Roux- Sewing for Raccoon and FID

As promised, some clothes I made for Ludivine. Roux already has a lot of clothes, but she got a little something, too.

Sewing for Everett - clothes for FID muscle body

I made loads of new outfits for my new family members. Everett and Walden can share some clothes, but they need their own stuff of course. Usually it's Ladies first, but this time Everett will take the lead. I have to retake some of the girl outfit pictures. I managed to pierce my thumb with Ludivine's foot hook. Quite painful. And since I didn't want to stain anything with a bloody patch I called it a day.

The berry colored shirt is the only thing I didn't make, it's a mini-T I bought a couple of years ago. Everett likes corduroy, it's a preference he shares with Walden. I made a suit for him, and the muscle body looks quite bulky with a shirt, a vest and the jacket. I should have tucked the shirt in ;).

How to create sewing patterns for dolls using the tape method

Since I have been asked to write something about how I make the patterns for my doll clothes, I decided to  show you how I use to go about it. I always assumed this was one of those basic techniques everyone in the hobby was familiar with - at least theoretically - and didn't want to bore anyone. But apparently I was wrong, so here's an explanation how to use the tape method.
It's a bit of work but once you get the hang of it it's really an easy way to create your own patterns. And it helps to understand other patterns if you see how a form looks flattened down and were it should go.

First a list of things you'll need:

masking tape and clear wrapscissors (large scissors to cut paper, clear wrap and cardboard and if you want to do this more often, bandage scissors or other scissors with a bent tip and straight blades)waterproof marker and preferably some dry pen that will write on masking tape, colored pencil e.g.clear sheet protectorspaper and cardboardthe doll you …