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Roux in the garden

It's warm and my garden is all color and scent. Yellow poppy, blue bells and carnation in all shades of pink, dominated by a rambler rose - the perfect setting for a girl in a cotton summer dress.
Roux claimed the sample dress I made for the tutorial before I had a chance to iron it. She spent the evening on her favorite iron bench and I took some pictures. It was already a bit late and the light is not that great, but I love that dress on her.

Three sewing secrets - ruffle, zipper, sleeves

Well, not secrets, but things I wish I had done like this right from the start. But I learned how to do it and it has made the life of a doll seamstress a bit easier. That's why I decided to share these little tricks. I am sure there are different ways to do this, but this is how it works best for me.

I am going to show you an easy way to 1. ruffle a skirt, 2. set a zipper and .. 3. set sleeves.

Sounds boring, but I have seen a lot of very complicated, fiddly ways to do this, so this might help some of you after all.
I highly recommend getting three things for this: nylon coil zippers, a lighter and some transparent sewing thread for basting. This will require some hand sewing as well as a sewing machine (basic presser foot).

I use to buy close end zippers-lots in just white or mixed colors in lengths between 14-16 cm (something around 6- 7 inches). The length works best for MSD sized dresses. You can get them on ebay in all sizes and colors. Same for transparent sewing thread. I …

Outfits for Queenie

Queenie's morning routine includes not only an hour or two with her horse, but also a shower and a change into her day clothes when she comes home from the stables. She's usually in a hurry and likes her clothes practical and easy to change into.

Queenie rarely wears jewelry, but her wardrobe includes some unique designer clothes. One of her cousins is a fashion designer, and Queenie happens to like his style. One of her favorite dresses is his creation, he made it especially for her. Queenie has a talent to wear clothes with an easy elegance, but she doesn't like her clothes too fancy. Even if her work requires dressing up she likes to keep it simple.

Queenie Legrand

Head sculpt: Raccoon Rosie | Body: Raccoon slim body, small bust NS

Best friends Queenie, Walden, Ludivine and Roux live in a turn-of-the-century brownstone transformed into appartments. The house belongs to Queenie's parents. The downstairs rooms and former servant quarters are now serving as a shared office/conference room, a photo studio and a shared living room. Each of them has their own appartment, but they often work together and like to hang out or invite friends.

Queenie and Roux have been best friends since school, and they were room mates at college.

Queenie's family is loaded, she was born into a winemaker dynasty. Her parents own vineyards and breed horses- the latter more as a passion than a business. Maybe old money and connections would have spoilt Queenie if she had grown up living the life of a pampered rich girl. But the family lived deep in the country and they set their kids to work. Queenie mucked out stables, played in the dirt and helped with the vintage…

Raziel has a bridle

As you might remember, I started to work on a BJD horse customization a while ago.
This is how it all started- part one of the challenge of customizing an Our Generation Boho horse

After I removed the old paint, I started to turn the horse into a buckskin Lusitano.
Part two of the horse story

In the meantime I received so many new dolls needing my attention that I postponed finishing the horse's bridle. It already had a saddle and a halter, but I couldn't find tiny buckles I needed for the tack.

Raziel was standing in his box and waiting for his bridle, and I decided to make buckles eventually. They are soldered silver wire, and I burned my fingers badly before I started to use tongs to hold them during the process.

But now Raziel has all he need to go for a ride. The first couple of pictures are taken only with the halter on- I haden't finished the tack but had some time and light to use.