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One girl, one dress and loads of pictures

It has been incredibly hot and humid these last couple of days. Eryn was next in line to get something new, and I wanted to make something suitable for the weather. I like how fresh this style looks with Eryn's haircut. If only I had more matching shoes for the big girls...

Neala likes violet

Another new outfit, this time it's Neala who's the lucky one. And she got a bag to go with it.

ResinRapture DIY doll eye templates

I made these some time ago since I was planning to make eyes. But I have so much to do already that I decided to publish the designs I made. These are templates you can use to create your own doll eyes.

ResinRapture DIY doll eye templates are free for personal use.
You MAY NOT sell the designs.
You MAY NOT share the higher resolution images to flickr, pinterest, facebook or other social media.

You may use them for eye production you want to sell.
For commercial use please add the following disclaimer to your product:
Eyes made using ResinRapture eye templates (link back to this page and the eye color name)

If you like the preview, click on the image and you'll get the zip file with a larger image without the light spot for download

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