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Bell Jones

Head sculpt: Raccoon Lara| Body: Raccoon slim body, large bust NS

Bell Jones is new in town. She found work as a waitress at Eve's eatery and has been doing a very good job for a couple of months now. Bell certainly has a history, but she prefers to keep it to herself.
Everett literally found her at the back exit of Eve's, she was sleeping in the warmth of his air vent. He spent her a hot meal and they started talking, and by the end of the night she got a job as a waitress. Everett wasn't sure if she'd be up for the task, but Bell is smart and a quick learner.

And she's got quite a mouth on her. Bell is just enough of an original to draw custom, not repel guests. They find her sass entertaining, and while she seems to be feisty and quick-witted, there's also something vulnerable about her. Her defense mechanisms kick in so fast that Everett suspects something bad must have happened to her in the past.

Bell's mom was a single teenage mother with alcohol and…

Ink in progress

I finished Bell's chest piece and started with her left arm. But now I am a bit undecided about the choice of motif for her right arm. I was thinking maybe a pin up or a lettering. Then again she'll be a fan of shirts with slogans, and she'll be a bit more flexible with statement shirts. Or I'll go for a skull or flowers.

In the meantime I've been painting and redecorating my studio, and my arm muscles are sore. I didn't like how the wall color turned out and decided to do it all a second time. I always have to put everything back into working oder, and it was pretty exhausting. It took up the little free time I had, so the progress on Bell (Raccoon Lara) is a bit slow. And sore muscles make working in this supersmall scale even more difficult.

I am so looking forward to my days off next week. She'll get her face eventually :).

I already posted the first steps of the chest piece. It's finished now. As my friend Lorraine (balljointedwoman) pointed out, I…

Leander's new jacket and the beginnings of a boob job

I am working on a lot of stuff, but most of it is not completed, and I am afraid it will take a while.

But Leander at least has a new jacket and another striped shirt. I just realized I put his wig back on with the parting on the wrong side after removing it to close the necklace. How very embarassing. But he looks nice either way, so I hope he doesn't have an identity crisis over this mishap.

And I started working on the chest piece of my new Raccoon doll Lara. It's going to be an original Raccoon doll's original raccoon tattoo. And I am having a lot of fun with it, but there's still a bit of work to do on this one. Sort of the ultimate pro artist statement ;D

Test shirts

I had planned to do such a lot of things, but somehow all I did was start things and postpone finishing them until the heat wave is over. What I did finish is a batch of test shirt prints.
My new Raccoondoll Lara will be a great fan of printed shirts, and since I have never worked with iron-on prints I wanted to run some tests.
The first one came out fine, but I messed up the second batch.
But Mailin and Stella got to wear them, and they both love their new shirts. They don't even mind the slight red stain from the printed grid on the backside of the transfer material. I managed to iron that on with the print somehow. Lesson learned. I guess the iron was too hot or I was too impatient.

Mailin's new favorite shirt. :). Perfect shirt for adventurous little girls.

Stella got three new shirts. I didn't take pictures of the last one, it was too dark already.