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Fun sized pile

Just some pictures of the fun sized crew. I am busy sewing outfits for Harace, but I don't want to show them before she has a face.

Fid Harace arrived

This girl arrived after two weeks in customs. I was a bit worried because the tracking didn't show any updates for over a week, but after two weeks she arrived eventually at my local customs office.

I had her larger sister on my wish list, but since I just don't have the space for any more large dolls I was quite exited when I read that she would be released as FID next. I checked at the usual FID opening and release date and she wasn't up. And I thought my wallet would be safe for another round ;-). But I am glad my friend balljointedwoman saw that she just arrived late and told me - and here she is.

While this girl has a very impressive profile, she looks a bit anonymous in frontal view. At least without a face-up. But I have seen enough of her larger sister to know that she is quite versatile, and I am looking forward to painting her. She will have to wait for a while, though.

The dark "scratch" on her eye is not a scratch, it's a stray cat hair I didn'…

Hard Fast Loud

Bell had an exciting day today. A rock band had a gig in a building close to Eve's, and the manager booked catering. Bell was in charge to get everything organized, and she had a lot of fun. Everything needs to be collected after the show, and now she just has to wait. With a large speaker case as a seat she doesn't mind.

And she has some new clothes. The only bought thing is the black jacket (and the shoes). I had that jacket for ages and it doesn't fit Iples in the shoulders. Bell likes it and it suits her, so everyone is happy.

What can I get you?

Queenie and Roux are over at Eve's Eatery for a quick lunch. It's Bell's shift and they have a little chat while she's taking their orders. Queenie and Roux have been discussing a movie and Roux is telling Bell about the rather unbelievable plot. Bell likes the girls and they make an effort to get to know her a little and make her feel welcome in the neighborhood. They know that she doesn't have any friends in town and even if she acts as if she doesn't need any, they think she might appreciate a bit of friendliness anyway.

(Food pictures in the background are courtesy of

Just loads of pictures

Just some pictures. Rachel is so small that she doesn't fit in a doll stand, and while she poses beautifully she can't really stand on her own. That's why I keep her in her box, and she hasn't been out for a while.
Inspired by the ocean colored fabric I dressed Vassilisa in blue-green, and her eyes look so bright it's almost eerie. It's not one of her colors, but I love it on her.