Dots, squares, stars, hearts and bones

Dots proudly presents her new pair of bib overalls – dotted, of course. She couldn't decide which pink she wanted with the checkered heart, and chose both. For the buttons as well as the ornamental seam. It's a fun look, and she loves it.
I bought another tiny skeleton since I didn't want to spoil my gift mobile and with a little sawing and wire it's even a bit more flexible.


  1. Her friend may be a little creepy but I LOVE Dot's overalls. I bet she'll want to wear them everywhere she goes. They'd work well with a pink top, too.

    1. Thank you :). I made a top with pink and white stripes, but it has short sleeves. I just couldn't bring myself to letting her freeze in that one.

  2. Awww Dots looks so cute! And of course it had to be dotted!!


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