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Lady in layers

I finished most of these before I painted Melisande's face. I wanted a natural soft style for her, with lots of layers and colors in harmony with nature and the elements, timeless and feminine. Harace's sculpt has something modest and quiet about it, that's at least how I see her. Depending on the face-up she can look sorrowful, haughty or regal, or just as if she was lost in thought. A very subtle and beautiful face, but not a very open one. Layers revealing layers seemed to be right for her.
Unfortunately the light is so bad at this time of year that the details of her face up don't really show, but I hope at least the details of her clothes are visible.

Melisande de Vries

Head sculpt: Iplehouse FID Harace | Body: FID woman classic body, medium bust NS

Melisande de Vries is a former member of the same ballet company Everett left some time ago, and thanks to his help she found a flat in the building next to Queenie's parents house. Like in Everett's case an accident ended her dancing carreer, albeit an accident of a very different nature.

About a year ago Melisande had a fling with a Portuguese clarinetist for the duration of the summer production. He was a member of the orchestral ensemble at the opera house and she never expected it to be more than just a fling. They parted as friends at the end of the repertory season.

When she realised she was pregnant Melisande didn't know what to do at first. But after some respite and finding her parents very supportive she decided to embrace single motherhood and look for new career opportunities. And since she already had some experience in that line of work she was offered a job as a marketing speci…

Merry Christmas

Somehow it's really hard this year getting into some kind of Christmas spirit. I didn't bake any of our traditional family Christmas cookies, there has been very little decoration in the windows and shops. It has been raining for days, and nobody seems to be in a particularly festive mood.

So what can a girl do to get into the holiday spirit that would make Christmas something more than just a couple of days off with shitty weather and holiday blues?
Taking some Christmas-themed dolly pictures sounds like a good start.

I made a backdrop that looks rather festive with some added baubles I found in my box with decoration. It's basically just real maple leaves and a glittery mesh I tore into stripes glued on some crumpled frost cover sheets for plants, but I like the subdued and warm colors. If I can't have snow, I'll go for the snug look with candles and the scent of punch and gingerbread.

The light was rather underwhelming and I just had time to take pictures of Lud…

Free curvy Barbie pattern

Something a bit different today...
I usually don't work on vinyl dolls and I don't own any other Barbies or Monster High dolls. But my friend Balljointedwoman recently showed her massive haul of Ever After Highs, and that reminded me I wanted to try to repaint one.

This curvy Fashionista Barbie is a gift- or rather a trade for a sewing commission. A friend's daughter parted with her for a ball gown I made for one of her other dolls, and I happily accepted the suggested trade. Who wants to argue with a seven year old who drives a hard bargain? I suspect she didn't like the body and was happy to let her go. That's at least what her mom told me. Her suggestion was that her daughter should empty the dishwasher for a week to earn the dress, so I guess we are all happy with the deal ;-).

I have conjunctivitis at the moment and my eyesight is kind of impaired, so I have not started with repainting the face. It's a surprisingly inflexible doll if you are used to BJD. B…