Diorama & Props

This is just a list of links to posts about diorama projects, photo stories and image series with loads of props I made to make it look right. There are such a lot of pictures of dresses or other stuff, that the diorama project posts are buried somewhere in the post timeline, and I wanted to collect them here.

The first diorama project:
First pictures of the Morrigan home, still missing stuff I added later. 

Quality time with sisters - a photo story

The healer's laboratory. I built a laboratory photo setting for Unnea

Fat quarters - a very short photo story

New rooms:

Building the bed for Stella's room

Stella's room. A teenage girl's realm.

You are my muse - an artist's studio

The porch diorama

 The new diorama (after I broke the old one while renovating my appartment)

New set of walls, new furniture and a fire place

Customizing a Battat horse


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