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The basics: face up, eyes and wigs

I use Schmincke soft pastels, Albrecht Dürer water colour pencils (not the set, but the single colour pencils) and daVinci brushes for face ups and MSC as a sealant. I get them from my local art supplies store or (European art supply)

Registered Airmail: YES
Ordered items: Lot's of doll eyes, all of them eyeco softglass in 11 or 13mm.
My favorite eyeco softglass eyes are offered by the lovely Jenny Wadkins from safrindoll, my go-to-address for dolleyes. It's a pity that she's dependant on eyeco's shipments, her customer service is excellent and it's really a pleasure to do business with her. If there's any issue she deals with it quickly and she's very generous with replacements or refunds.

Facets by Marcia
Registered Airmail : YES

Ordered Items:
Monique wigs

I usually go one size smaller with monique wigs, since they are quite large. But not always, so I asked first. The questions were answered quickly and friendly enough. Order, payment via paypal and airmail shipping - no problem. The wigs arrived within a week, which is really superfast in this hobby.
Most of my dolls wear Monique wigs, and I got them from various shops, some from Monique directly, some from Marcia. I do have Iplehouse wigs and I like them, too, but the fiber is not as soft and the colours look not as natural. 

Registered Airmail : YES
Iplehouse wigs are made by GLIB, and they are also available from MUdoll directly, which is the Glib-company shop. They also sell eyelashes in various lengths and oval glass eyes used for the FID. And they offer Airmail shipping.

Clothes, shoes, stuff

These reviews are based on my personal experience, which might of course differ from other people's experience. Since I love to sew for my dolls my clothes shopping experiences are kind of limited, I used to order basic shoes and one pair of pants from Iplehouse with each doll (until I made patterns for doll pants in all sizes, now it's only shoes ;).

Shipping and production times in the hobby usually take a while, and I don't expect items to arrive within a couple of days, so "fast" delivery is a relative term.

Alice Collections
Registered Airmail : YES.
Free over 30$ and under 1kg
Ordered items:
I frequently order from Alice Collections, and I lost track of the various items. Eyelashes, wig caps, clothes and shoes. AC offers custom sized clothes, but many of the standard sized items fit Iplehouse.

Shipping speed depends on ordered items, but an order is usually shipped within a week. Airmail might take a while to arrive though. Questions are answered quickly and friendly. Combining orders or adding items has never been an issue. I've ordered mostly shoes, and the quality is the average BJD-shoe quality.

Fits EID, SID, nYID woman : BT355 for EID, BT034,-love these, they fit perfectly and look good (and BT001 probaly fit as well, same size), all sneakers "MS Shoes" in 1/3 boy size.

Fits SID man: Sneakers MS in size 70, BT344 size 70. (I used a wooden spatula to put them on the first time, but after that they are fine, even with socks)

Fits nYID boy: BT343, size 1/3-70. Fit is perfect.

Fits JID boy/girl: 1/4 sneakers MS. A lot of MSD boy shoes fit JID boys, but most look huge. KID and BID can wear YOSD shoes.

Registered Airmail: YES
Ordered items:
I ordered the Oxford Men's Brogue shoes in black and brown and they do fit my SIDs perfectly. They are well made and shipped fast.

Ebay shops fatiao | jeeryama
Free airmail shipping
Ordered items: Shoes, eyelashes, wigs
Inexpensive items and  reliable sellers, quality ranging from surprisingly good to okay-ish.

Ebay shops he-meife | paulzhangby
Ordered items: Shoes for FID
Fashion doll shoes for FID.


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