The tallest and the smallest

I've been taking pictures for the new blog/site, and got carried away. Two of my girls who don't get their picture taken that often: The tallest and the smallest.
Some day, when I have time (haha) I will redo all my doll's eyelashes. It's surprising how many of them have the glue showing because the lashes come off.

I just realized that I have been working on the blog-move for a month every night now, and I am not even close to publishing. Maybe I am not going to exchange all the pictures, just those from the last year or the more important posts. Seven years of blogging, and almost all posts have pictures...
What I did do is reorganize my Photoshop files, about 200 of them got a new text instead of my old blog address. Now I just need to export them all again. That Photoshop doesn't work properly since the last windows update isn't helping. But I have some surprises for you once I am done.. :).

Blue shirt for Eryn

I must be crazy. As if there wasn't enough work waiting for me I decided to actually set up Wordpress on my own domain to move the blog. Not right now, there's far too much I have to do first. But I hope I'll be able to finish all the stuff that needs to be done before the year is over. So this is kind of a heads up for those who actually really follow my blog. I very much hope that you'll follow me there as well, if I ever manage to finish the enormous task of building a completely new site with new taxonomy, new pictures without the blogger address and a new design. And all that with a software that's also new to me. I probably wouldn't have done it if I hadn't realized that my hosting package for my job domain included three domains, and I wouldn't have to pay for my new doll-domain.

But until then I will continue posting here, even if I might not be able to move all the comments.

And today it's blue shirt day. At least for Eryn, who doesn't …

Bianca and Doria arrived!

Happy day :-)
I received a parcel today, directly to my door step. And it had the famous green sticker on it, which means it passed customs without any fees. Thanks to the COVID restrictions, I guess, the custom fee is usually something about 23% of the purchase price.

You can imagine how happy I was to get them without any additional payments.

And I am relieved that Bianca does not look pink. She is my first doll in peach gold and I read some comments from people receiving their dolls and complaining about the pinkish skin tone. No complaints from me :).

Without further ado, here they are. In case you are wondering about the gap between neck and head on the side view pictures, I just turned the head. When the nose and the boobs point in the same direction the gap is there but looks a lot smaller.

Ornaments and shipping notices

My two new FID girls are shipping! It was a long wait, and the shoes I wanted were out of stock when the dolls were finished, but I am really happy they are on their way now. I hope they will arrive safely.
In the meantime I have been very busy with another project, but I still found the time to make some more shirts. Unnea usually wears white, but for some reason she wanted this shirt. The ornament is drawn with a very fine permanent marker.

Shirts for the big girls - Solovet

I am in a bit of a predicament here. When I started with the dye experiments I already had two new dolls on order. One of the characters took shape even before I decided on the sculpt. And this girl is the one who makes all the shirts, she runs a shop with her sister. I already started to customize a WordPress blog (learning by doing) that will be her imaginary website. My problem is: She has been waiting for completion since February and I have no idea when she'll arrive. Without her in the house and her story on the blog it seems weird to talk about her, and I am not sure if I should continue just posting the pictures of the dyed shirts without her story to accompany them.

Well, I decided I'll post them anyway and once she arrives you will get the name, the story and maybe see one or two shirts again.

Solovet is not really the type for tie dyes, she likes her clothes plain. Her new green-violet shirt is still changing color, but it's not too wild for her. And for less da…