Stella Luna Morrigan

Head sculpt: Iplehouse JID Kassia | Body: Iplehouse JID normal bust NS

Stella is the youngest of the moonchild sisterhood and she just recently moved in with Tristania and Seraphine.  She just turned 13 and she is an adventurous and fierce little creature.

Stella loves to do things that are forbidden and dangerous. Wether it is flying in the vicinity of humans, climbing buildings, listening in on secret meetings she isn't allowed to attend because she is too young, or just sulky brooding – she gives her sisters a lot of trouble. Although she tries not to be, she can be a young devil when she's in the mood.

On the other hand she is great with animals, has an infectious dirty laugh and is very interested in learning new things. Quite often it's just her curiosity that leads to trouble.

It makes her sad to see that her sisters are often quite exhausted, and she tries to make amends with helping them or making little thoughtful gifts. Even though Stella is a difficult character she can charm the pants off her sisters, especially softhearted Seraphine.

Stella still has fits of homesickness, and sometimes she is just a sad little girl.

Stella's room - a diorama project


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