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Moments of closeness

Moments of closeness...
Since they have been friends for such a long time Tristania and Ruben feel pretty relaxed in each other's company, but there's alway been a lot of chemistry, and there are more and more moments of tentative closeness like this lately.
A lot of near-kiss situations, and they use every excuse to be close, but somehow they're either interrupted or shying away from letting it happen.

Make over for Mailin

I wasn't really happy with the way my little tomboy Mailin looked. I had already changed her FU a little but I wasn't quite satisfied with the result, so I decided to redo her look. She got slightly lighter eyes, brown lashes instead of the black ones and a little darker shade around the eyes to make her look a little older than Fiona.

And she got a cap to go with her jeans. I love the way she turned out.


Amanthis Luna - the little foundling

Amanthis is a foundling, and probably an orphan. Moonchildren can feel each other's heritage, so it is known who her parents are, but her mother is dead and her father could not be found. She was left at the annual summer soltice gathering, probably because her mother felt that her end was near. Moonchild women can bear children at any age, but if mothers are past 600 years, giving birth and nursing children might lead to a lethal loss of strength.

It's not unheard of that there are no relatives left to take care of a child and in cases like that children are given over to the community as long as the mother is still strong enough to travel. A mother's decision to part with a child and leave it at a gathering like this is neither questioned nor judged, Moonchildren are traditionally raised by one or both parents and relatives, and in case of a foundling by members of the community.

Eryn volunteered to foster her, and Amanthis has been p…

The healer's laboratory

Since it was a public holiday today I had some time to build a laboratory for Unnea. She is a healer and makes all kinds of potions and herbal mixtures in her laboratory. The kids are usually not allowed in here, but Unnea made an exception for Amanthis. The little foundling was allowed to watch her, but she was strictly forbidden to touch anything.