Lily the ghost - MYou Ailsa

Head sculpt: MYou Ailsa | Body: MYou MSD girl 3part WS

This little girl is not really part of the moonchild world, although she haunts the houses they live in, she's a little ghost I couldn't resist. Her name is Lily. She will probably get different eyes, but they are still on the way. She's an MYou Ailsa.


  1. She's adorable! Depending on scale I think she would fit in with your other characters beautifully. Love her dress and wig, too. Did you make both?

    1. Thank you :). She's just a little bit taller than the JID girls. And yes, I made both. My tea-dye experiments :)

  2. Hello, I love this graceful girl. ^-^
    Also I have a question, would you have a picture that would show the difference between the white and normal skin of Myou doll ? (I saw your article on your opening)

    1. Lily is WS, Nimue's body is NS. Since both are blushed the difference wouldn't show properly, but WS is pretty much the colour of miracle whip ;)


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