The tallest and the smallest

I've been taking pictures for the new blog/site, and got carried away. Two of my girls who don't get their picture taken that often: The tallest and the smallest.
Some day, when I have time (haha) I will redo all my doll's eyelashes. It's surprising how many of them have the glue showing because the lashes come off.

I just realized that I have been working on the blog-move for a month every night now, and I am not even close to publishing. Maybe I am not going to exchange all the pictures, just those from the last year or the more important posts. Seven years of blogging, and almost all posts have pictures...
What I did do is reorganize my Photoshop files, about 200 of them got a new text instead of my old blog address. Now I just need to export them all again. That Photoshop doesn't work properly since the last windows update isn't helping. But I have some surprises for you once I am done.. :).


  1. Zera looks fantastic. She is one of my all-time favorite Iplehouse sculpts. It's nice to see Elin again, she's such a cutie. And I'm glad you labeled your post because I never would have recognized Harace. When you said your tallest and your smallest, I expected to see Ancient Tales Rachel. We don't see her often. Transferring seven years of posts must be a daunting task, not to mention updating with new photos. It's one reason I hesitate to move my ten years of posts. (I'd be too tempted to rewrite most of mine.) For now I'm content to let you be the guinea pig and see how it works.

    1. Thank you. Tristania was my first and will always be my special doll. There's a rule that no girl can be taller than her. Rachel is actually 33 cm tall, so she's taller than Elin. Transferring the posts was done in a heartbeat, but since blogger changed the way pictures are stored about a year ago, most of my older posts with pictures just show a linked picture. If you click on it, you'll get the blogger-storage URL. I think I will leave those which nobody will probably ever view again. I even thought about clean slate, this blog will still be up. But there are too many cross-reference links to older posts to just delete them. Most of the work is actually on new content, it will be more than "just" a blog. ;)

    2. I had no idea Rachel was 33 cm. That puts her in between KKeRRin Alice and Bardo Deepti/Pooja in height. There's no telling which old blog posts will resurface after a period of years. I still get occasional comments on posts dealing with dolls I haven't thought about in ages and in many cases no longer own. This is more and more intriguing. I can't wait to see what makes your new site more than just a blog.

  2. I am very curious how your new place on the web will look like. :) I can only imagine how much work you have right now with that.
    Beautiful dolls and wonderful photos!

  3. Such beautiful girls. I hope you're able to sort your blog out eventually.


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